A Few Things I’ve Come To Learn About Self-Growth

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There’s something so inspirational in finding the beauty within all the chaos that surrounds your mind. In accepting your insecurities, embracing your flaws.

There’s something so powerful in feeling lost, knowing your fears, acknowledging your mistakes, your past, your demons.

There’s something magical in feeling so much at once, in opening yourself to doubt, being aware of the uncertainty.


Because you’re not running anymore, you’re not fooling yourself, you’re not pretending, you’re standing still. Naked. Vulnerable. You’re coming to terms with yourself and you start to love all of you.

You give yourself the chance to evolve, become the person you are and do the things you wanna do and not what’s expected of you.

You push yourself further, to do more, learn more, achieve more.

Ironically you feel light-weighted.

You feel free.

You have nothing to hide.

You find your balance, your strength.

You grow, you heal.

Most importantly… You. Stop. Judging yourself.

You understand that YOU have the power to change your life and you’re the only one holding yourself back. You feel ecstatic, a certain type of rush, and even though you don’t have the answers right now, you’re confident that something BIG indeed you’ll find.

You filter all the noise that surrounds you, paying more attention to what’s within you, finally understanding yourself. You decode what triggers certain feelings, and begin to recognize where your emotions come from instead of letting them get mixed up by the opinions of others.

When you appreciate all of you, a weight is taken off of your shoulders because you learn that it’s ok, you have no responsibility to be perfect, you don’t have to please everyone and you’re allowed to leave behind what no longer grows you.

You’re allowed to move on.

You’ll realize how much power you have within you to accomplish anything you want if you find the strength to face yourself. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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