These Are The 10 Guys You Should Stay Away From (Even If They Are Attractive)

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Dating sucks. Everyone knows that, and if you don’t, it’s because you “found the one” and we’re all very happy for you.

For the rest of us, we’re forced to do this awkward and dreadful thing called dating. As women, we come across a multitude of men. Many of whom have not completely matured or figured out what they even want.

These 10 men are the absolute worst out there. If yours is none of these things, then you need you lock that down yesterday.

1. The Ghoster

The ghoster is the guy who never responds again. Poof! Gone into thin air, no proof he even existed. They usually know what they want, and it’s not you.

2. The Zombie

You will only see the zombie in the night, but never in the day. Crawling out of there way before the sun comes up.

3. The Breadcrumber

Exactly what it sounds like. This guy leaves little breadcrumbs for you as you go, but nothing more. The occasional DM or a compliment when your cleavage is on point.

4. The Bencher

The bencher keeps you on the bench for when you are later needed. You are part of their team, and sometimes when you’re on a team, you get benched.

5. The Pen Pal

This is a guy who constantly hits you up but doesn’t make a plan, although he probably wants to make one. Probably the only one on this list who might not be the actual worst.

6. The Journalist

As expected, the journalist asks you questions all day. Unlike the Pen Pal, the journalist has absolutely no intentions of asking you out. They are simply gathering information.

7. Napeleon Bonaparte

This guy wants a conquest. No more, no less.

8. The Historian

Someone who talks about their ex. Thanks for the history lesson, but that was my least favorite subject for a reason.

9. The Politician

Ah, a difficult one. This is a fake MFer. They are always nice so it’s hard to catch. Once you do, you will see they are all talk.

10. The Narcissist

This man needs attention 24/7. He talks only about himself, and must run the show. The narcissist “hates basic bitches,” but will end up with one because no real woman with self-respect can deal. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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