Here’s The Thing About Expecting Life To Turn Out the Way You Planned

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If there is one lesson that life has continuously thrown at me, (yet I constantly resist) it is this:

“Things will never turn out the way you had planned”

When I get to thinking about all of the decisions I have made in the past, I realize that the common thread in all of those pivotal moments was the fact that the after-effects never quite lived up to what I envisioned in my mind.

Although some of my experiences may not have been my greatest, they have gotten me to where I am today – to who I am today – and for that, I am grateful.

Ever since moving to New York City five years ago, I have undergone a number of changes virtually every single year, whether it be a new apartment, new friends, or a new job.

With every change, I had anticipated that it would be the next best experience of my life. I would say to myself, “This is where I will finally slow down and settle. This is when I will finally be happy”. However, I’ve always been in search of something better, something different. And every time that I was overly excited or too hopeful, it always came crashing down. Eventually, I realized that the only times that I ever truly had a great experience was when I would expect nothing.

My best moments in life were when I let go of the wheel, take the back seat, and let life do its thing. My best experiences were the ones when I had no anticipation, no expectations, no plans. It was when I was living in the moment when I truly felt happy and alive.

The thing is, often times I would myself planning for my next move instead of being present with where I already was.

Life doesn’t ever turn out the way you had planned. That’s because some things are just beyond our control. As much as we want to fight our circumstances, sometimes we just have to deal with what we have at that moment and make the best of it. Only then will we be able to find contentment. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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