The Evolution Of A Summertime Heartbreak

The Evolution Of A Summertime Heartbreak

It was summertime when your eyes first landed on my walking silhouette. You said you loved the way my hips moved as I walked in front of you. You said you couldn’t look away from my legs when I wore that little black dress; your favorite. You said you wanted to see how my long brown hair would fall on my naked breasts. You said you wanted me, so I wanted you back. And I fell, I fell so hard.

During fall time, we lived our story happily and enjoyed every moment spent together. You were the soundtrack to my favorite season and I loved every second of it. If only I knew it would break me.

It was winter time when your eyes stopped shining the way they did when you first looked at me. Not wanting to face the issue, I said I would become who you wanted me to be. I said it’s okay if I forgot myself during the process of pleasing you; it was worth it. I said you were the reason why I was happy. I said you were my first and would be the last. But you left, you left so far.

As spring time went by, not a night was spent without crying myself to sleep. Our song was played over and over again, hoping for us to get back together. If only someone could love me.

It was summertime when my eyes finally dried up from all the tears. I said I will be okay, what’s meant to be is meant to be. I said I need to learn how to fall in love with myself before falling in love with someone else, I am the only person responsible for my happiness. I said I can be whoever I want to be; it’s fine.

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