Date A Girl Who Travels

I’ve read the articles. The ones that tell you not to date a girl who travels. They’re witty, they’re, in parts, true. At least, they’re true of the free-spirited, wandering, backpacking types. But that’s not the only kind of girl who travels.

As they say: it’s not where you go, it’s who you travel with. A girl who loves to travel is like a breath of fresh air. They’re natural dreamers. Unlimited. They’re passionate and loving and open-minded and cultured. They make you love people, they make friends with friends of friends and bring you along for the ride. They live in the moment, fly by the seat of her pants and on the edge of the plane seat.

They have routines. They hold jobs. They pay for their tickets and nights out in foreign countries. They aren’t emblems of irresponsibility, they are the ones who know what matters.

Their lives are composed of a million memories, experiences, and adventures created through their adventures. They are independent and they are great planners — they have to get the details of their trips, their visas, and their tickets booked before they can enjoy the journey. (They should have all been born to be budget analysts with the way they can stretch a buck).

It may take more effort to lock down a girl who loves to travel, but once you do, your life will never be the same. Date a girl who loves to travel because she will make every day an adventure. She will make you laugh with all the crazy stuff she’s done, the people she’s met, and the interesting stories from her trips. She will open your eyes to things you would have never thought of doing, like swimming with a Whale Shark. She will plan her world of traveling and include you in all her adventures. She’ll make sure you experience life as much as she does. She will push your limits and make you say “yes” to things you would never do on your own. Her happiness and love for you will be expressed in seeing your face and excitement as you travel and experience things together. TC Mark


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    I loved reading this….

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    I love this! Although for the girl, my advice would be similar: Date a guy who travels, because you want him to join you in all your life adventures!

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