Stop Talking About Your Ideas And Just DO Them!

Evan Clark
Evan Clark

This is a sensitive issue so I will try and tackle this with some sort of tact. And if I am referring to you, don’t be offended – be aware and try to change


Did you know, it is actually possible to speak things into existence without giving too many details.

Not everyone needs to know what you are up to. Seriously.

By keeping silent about your work, you will easily avoid negative opinions and energy from friends or even really close relatives who don’t believe in themselves.

The only people you should share your goals with are the highly positive and spiritual ones who believe that anything is possible.

People who believe in themselves will believe in you.

Energy is everything when it comes to creating your reality. Don’t go around telling random people details, expecting them to get your big vision when they can’t see that far.

Focus your energy on action, not on convincing others. Time will prove your words to be a reality.

And yes I am reminding myself of this too.

Many people struggle with this concept, because they easily share their visions, and expect others to understand it. They get discouraged once someone doesn’t believe in them. They start doubting themselves and even start to become fearful. Can you imagine how many dreams are killed like this?

When someone is unconscious of their true potential, they project life from a limited point of view. But that’s not how things work when you’re operating in the realm of ‘consciously’ creating your reality. In this sacred place, everything is abundant, there’s no limit to what you can do, achieve or have. Since most people haven’t tapped into this level of belief, they easily share their lack and try to taint open minds from seeing clearly.

This is where you have to become strong and realise the power in keeping silent.

Just like the plant, we don’t see the work of the seed under the dirt until it flourishes. In silence, you’ll pull the creative force to your work, rather than scattering it and opening it up for judgement.

Once your vision beautifully buds, everyone will notice.

Without a single word you not only materialise your vision, but you also give hope to those who have a hard time believing in themselves. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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