Why Beyoncé Is Overrated

Featureflash / Shutterstock.com
Featureflash / Shutterstock.com
Overrate; to rate or appraise too highly; overestimate.

First and foremost, before the irrational, less even-tempered Beyoncé fanatics hit their cap locks button and head straight to the comment section to leave hostile, profane, angry statements, let me just ask that you hear a difference in opinions, without freaking out as if it’s impossible to not think the world of Beyoncé. Now, I’m not here to try to deny how talented she is, or baselessly bash her just to troll her following. The point being made here is that, one, there are people with different outlooks (which they’re allowed to have), and two, the Beyoncé worshipping has gotten out of control in some people’s eyes (myself included). If you disagree, browse Twitter for the several people who referred to her as a “God,” or cursed people for not finding her performance, or body of work in general, worthy of the significant amounts of praise it receives.

Obviously Beyoncé has something that others don’t, because a pretty face and beautiful voice doesn’t automatically equal HUGE success (see Keri Hilson, Ashanti and the thousands of women whom we don’t even know exist). Maybe it’s a combination of vocal abilities, dance routines and aesthetics during performances that intrigue, and make loyal devotees of her fans. Maybe her lyrics are relatable, maybe it’s because her songs are catchy, maybe it’s her personality as seen in interviews — but all of those same things are the very same reasons why someone else with a difference in opinions might not enjoy her. They may find her lyrics basic or unappealing, her jingles annoying and her personality dull. That’s acceptable to a stable person who grasps the concept of opinions, but to belligerent Beyoncé worshipers, drunk on her every word, they’ll jump to her defense with a fiery passion that’s becoming slightly disturbing.

Here is what it might feel like for someone who does not necessarily enjoy Beyoncé’s work. They turn on the radio — her songs are being played constantly, to the point where even if it were an artist they did enjoy, it’d feel like overkill. They go on a social network and see several people gushing about her with compliments that are normal of a fan to say, like, “Beyoncé is the best!” and some disturbing ones such as, “Beyoncé is God and nothing else matters.” That’s weird to say. How enjoyable her music and performances are, is completely based on an individual’s judgment. What isn’t an opinion is the fact that she is not some divinity or apex, esoteric, better-than-a-human creation. She’s a woman who sings and dances really well. A human being who is gifted at performance art.  So, when someone sees Beyoncé being held in the highest regards on social networks and television, then hears her being played often on the radio, they are either going to agree, yes, she is that great — or, they might say, what’s the big deal?

There’s no right or wrong response, and that’s what needs to be realized. The thing about “overrated” is that it too is an opinion. The difference is, you don’t often see people who find Beyoncé overrated, furiously attacking her supporters. It’s not just with Beyoncé, but as is the case with any musician, actor, actress, author or artist of some sort, people are allowed to not enjoy a person’s work, and that’s not unfathomable. It’s simple. If you find Beyoncé (or any artist) amazing, and are a fan who has no qualms with vocalizing your love for her, that tall praise and high rating is going to warrant to someone confusion and disagreement from others who aren’t so fascinated. What needs to stop is the ignorant labeling of Beyoncé as a “God” and the absurd hatred spewed toward anyone who doesn’t think of her as more than a talented human being. TC Mark

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