If You Want To Date Me, You Have To Deal With These 8 Things

Girl looking for someone to date
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1. Please be patient with me. Give me time.

Scars from the past weigh heavily on my heart. I have given everything to people who completely took it all for granted. I have moved mountains for people who haven’t thought twice about even opening a car door for me.

I have been lied to, cheated on, and betrayed. My self-confidence has been ripped to shreds. I am used to broken promises. I am used to unanswered texts. So I am going to be very wary of you and your intentions. It isn’t personal. I am just protecting my heart.

2. I have a heart of gold, but it won’t be easy to break down my walls.

It is going to take work on your end. It will take a lot of work day in and day out to show me that you aren’t going anywhere. To show me that you truly care. To show me that I can count on your word to be true every time. To show me that if you have to change plans, you have a great reason, and you will make the effort to reschedule.

3. I can be a huge pain in the ass.

I know that I am not easy to love. I have high expectations. I can be moody. I can be distant at times, yet seem clingy at others.

I am an overthinker who is really good at taking the smallest things and turning them into 10,000 different scenarios in my head. I will re-write every text message multiple times and I will sometimes send more than one message if I don’t hear back from you right away.

Our fight from the day before will haunt me for the next four as I again overthink and allow the snowball effect to take my thoughts and spin the argument into an earth shattering situation where you end up leaving.

Reassurance is a necessity for me. You will hear sorry more than it needs to be said. I need you to just tell me it’s okay. I will drive you absolutely crazy at times, and make you wonder what you got yourself into and why you are still there, but I promise that I will give you a million reasons to stay.

4. We are talking, that means I am loyal to just you.

Whether we are just courting each other or are in a full blown relationship, if I am talking to you, you are the only person I am talking to. You are the only person that will be getting my affection and attention. I expect the same.

5. I am strong willed and independent.

Some of this comes from being a cowgirl who was taught that when you fall off, you better get right back up, dust the dirt off, and climb right back onto the saddle. No tears included.

Some of this is because I have had to pick up the pieces of my broken heart on multiple occasions and piece myself back together. I know how to take care of myself and did a great job of it before you came along.

6. You will see the worst of me and the best of me.

I promise that I will try and give you the best of me at all times — but I may not always look the part. I will have bad days. You may see me when I am deathly ill with a red nose while hugging the toilet. I hope that you will love me during the bad times too.

7. I will make mistakes, but so will you.

We are human. All I desire is compromise and patience. We can work through it. Just always remember the good times, even when you can’t stand to look at me.

8. Respect, loyalty, and open communication are all I ask for from you.

Please go out with the guys and have a great time. We both need our individual time and our individual hobbies. I don’t need to see you every day. I don’t need to talk to you every second. But I do ask that you communicate. Respect my time and I will respect yours. Respect me as a person. Respect my dreams and my likes.

If you stick it out and show me that you are different, that you won’t leave, that you won’t lie, that you care, then I will love you with all I have.

Your dreams will become mine. I won’t let you ever settle for less than I know you are worth in any part of life. I will push you and challenge you. I will yearn for your opinions on every decision that is important to me.

I will show you that I am worth it, and you will be in for one hell of an adventure! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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