Here’s The Thing About Kind People

As we grow older, we become more exposed to the ways of our world, and our innocence gets robbed from us. Kindness no longer becomes an instinct when we have been through enough.

But why are people trying to actively choose kindness?

Kind people are those who understand what it’s like to feel hurt. Kind people are those who have gone through their fair share of pain and who never wish to have that pain inflicted on others. Kind people are those who try not to expect so much so that they never feel let down. Kind people are those who try their best to justify the other person’s circumstances, despite being wronged by them.

Kind people are not naive. Kind people understand that the world is made up of both the good and the bad. But they continue to choose kindness because they want to contribute to the good of this world if they are able to.

Kind people are those who understand that being wronged by one person does not necessarily mean that everyone else is going to do the same to them. Kind people try their best to be patient, despite their minds going through an inner turmoil. Kind people try their best to take the high road, because they empathize with others who may not be able to take in what they dish out. Kind people are often seen as cheerful, helpful, and giving.

But here’s the thing about kind people: they are also self-destructive.

Sometimes kind people allow others to walk all over them. Kind people take in way more than they can handle just for the sake of keeping the peace. Kind people try their best to be happy around others so that no one ever needs to worry about them. Kind people see their problems becoming minute when they speak to others who are in need. Kind people may speak the most comforting words to those around them, but they hide the most toxic views of themselves in their heads. Kind people may be one of the most encouraging people because they know all too well how suppressing it is to not speak their mind. Kind people may always present a “glass half full” outlook to the world, but they may also be the very same people who struggle with loving themselves within.

People who strive to be kind may be hiding much more than you know. Kind people may not have the healthiest views of themselves, but they too hope to eventually understand the words they comfort others with. Kind people carry a lot on their shoulders despite their assuring presence. Kind people are not necessarily problem-free or happy go lucky all the time — don’t expect them to be. Please don’t take them for granted. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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