I Hope You Find The Love You Truly Deserve

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Normally I would be cautious to write a piece like this, in fear of being too open, too sentimental, or too much. But I want to defeat this wall that I built in my mind: I want to acknowledge that I am happy, and shouldn’t be afraid of expressing that.

Love transcends relationships between couples; it includes love for our family, close friends, colleagues, pets, and even passion for our work. Technicalities aside, my God, I hope you find a love that makes you feel in ways that the English language itself becomes insufficient for you to be able to truly express its depth.

I hope you find love that makes you realize that you are worthy to be loved in the way you truly deserve. That this friendship or relationship stands as something that matters, something that is filled with affection and care that goes far beyond the physical. A love that is about enjoying being together, loyalty, and pure passion. Being able to enjoy a simple cup of tea while watching the sunset with your mom, exchanging discussions of how God has provided through and through with your dad, talking about the real world and its intricacies with your aunts and uncles – just laughing and enjoying the company of your loved ones.

With this type of love in your life, you will have the chance to see yourself the way they see you, and understand that in every way you think that they are wonderful – it is mutually felt about you too. There is no need for guessing, nor insecurity. Just pure inspiration, and warmth. They don’t always have to verbally express that they love you; for in the way they make you feel, you bask in the comfort that they do.

I hope you find love that radiates light and thrives despite the darkness. A radiance of light when they talk fondly of the causes they are passionate about, and the looming darkness when we talk through the thoughts our demons have led us to believe, and how we have to actively choose to fight against them daily.

There will not be a race for who can seem to care less. Everything will finally be in the open. Everything will be honest, and you won’t worry that the inconvenience of your real life will get between the relationship you have built together. Just as how you want to be a part of their lives, they will want to meet every bit of it – because all of it is an extension of you.

I hope you find love that is both the sun and the moon. The sun; in how you are able to light each other up with support and joy unexplainable. The moon; in how there is a sense of wistfulness, that you can just stay in each other’s utter calm and feel peace.

I hope you find love that is both your rock and your favorite bolster. Your rock; in how we hold each other accountable to live our truth, standing by in support whenever we get bogged down by insecurities – countless. Your bolster, in how we are able to feel both comfortable and comforted –

You are each other’s safe space.

I hope you find love that embodies both kindness, and sheer honesty. Kindness; in how you choose to be patient despite the hassles of everyday life, noticing each other’s quirks but you still gently choose to love regardless or be patient in each other’s journey to grow. Being blunt in how you’re able to call each other out to become a better person, or whenever we have been unfair to each other.

I hope you find love crazy enough to run with your ridiculous ambitions, yet one that possesses a soft heart that is willing to walk side-by-side with you in your down moments. A love filled with openness and vulnerability, driven by a yearning for a fulfillment even greater than ourselves. That shortcomings, no matter how dark they may seem, will always have present a ray of hope to shine through – that despite the depths we sometimes succumb to, it is not the end.

I hope you find love that makes you want to be a better version of yourself. Someone who is an additional inspiration for you to grow, someone who wants to grow together with you. Someone who is continually journeying with you, unafraid to try new things, and being unafraid to mess up and admit so.

I hope you find love that is genuine. That you are not strong only because you are each other’s A team, but because the foundation of your relationship is rock-solid in the things that matter: family, understanding, trust, and faith.

But overall,

I hope you find a love that reminds you of your own individuality – the very essence of what makes you ‘you’. That this friendship or relationship reminds you that you are worthy all on your own, just how God created you, but having them around is a wonderful and special bonus.

I hope that if you have the privilege of experiencing this type of love in your life, do tell them how much you appreciate them.

So this goes out to my loved ones,

Here’s to all of you.

Just as much as you all have reminded me how I deserve to be truly loved, I hope that you understand that you too deserve to be loved deeply by the love you deserve.

And I hope I have been playing a part in that. TC mark

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