We May Not Be ‘Enough’ For Everyone, And That’s Okay

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Beauty; being interesting; passionate; fear. These are just a few examples of standards that can be construed in so many ways, either being seen as one who is completely irrational or someone who needs to just be a little bit closer to achieve that perfect definition.

And here is the secret to living life to the fullest: to understand that we are never going to be enough for everyone because we are all on different walks of life and our focus can be striving towards different pursuits in life.

You may think I’m dull and uninteresting, and in some ways you may be right; maybe it couldn’t hurt if I was a little crazier and pushed myself beyond the ‘safe’ circle I’ve drawn around me. However, what if I am aware of what I would not cross the line for, and how would life be like if we were all daredevils?

You may think I’m quiet; and in some ways you may be right; maybe I do get uncomfortable in certain social situations and I look for ways to extract myself out of the situation. However, there are more than a handful that may be able to relate to this same fear, and who are we to invalidate another’s emotions?

You may think I’m plain; and in some ways you may be right; maybe I could put in a little more effort in my appearance and learn to color-coordinate my outfits better. However, for some of us comfort is ranked over investing into outward appearance, and who are we to define what beauty should be?

You may think I’m too much, and in some ways, you may be right; it could save me so much trouble if I didn’t feel as much. However, are we all not different in our own ways, where some of us are more driven by our heart rather than our brain?

You may not agree with my beliefs, and in some ways, you may be right; my beliefs could be clashing with your ideology of life. However, is not mutual respect and understanding one another the supposed core of humanity? Can we imagine a world where every one of us is the very same, as though mass-produced to complete fixed tasks day-by-day?

You may not get along with me, and in some ways, you may be right; maybe I could have tried harder or I could have said something, anything, to keep the conversation going. However, we need to understand that no matter how much we can do to the fullest of our capacity, we are not going to get along with everyone.

We may not be ‘enough’ for everyone, and that is okay.

The important part is if you are ‘enough’ to you.

You owe it to yourself to grow, to not stay stagnant,

Whether it being getting out of your comfort zone,

Opening up to others,

Or working hard towards achieving your goals.

We may not be ‘enough’ to everyone, but the perspectives we should value are those who deserve to matter to us;

The people in our lives who are kind, yet honest;

Straightforward, yet empathetic;

Gentle, and sincere.

Now remember this,

They are not necessarily your yardstick for growth,

But these are the people who you should surround yourself with; the people who can be genuine inspirations for you to work towards being a better version of you.

We may not be ‘enough’ for everyone, and that is okay;

But you owe it to yourself to be enough for you. TC mark

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