This Is For The Ones Who Don’t Know Where They Fit

girl with hands up, for people who don't know where they fit
Roberto Nickson

This goes out to us.
Those of us who are able to make small talk with others;
Exchange nods and smiles among strangers;
Putting forth an image of always being in control of themselves;
And yet –
Feeling alone despite being in a sea of people;
Blending in, but not really belonging;
Taking longer than others to truly find an intimate connection – and how rare it is when it is found.
There’s a saying that goes, “Birds of a feather flock together.”
They go in a flock.

But the eagle?
We often speak of their majestic stride;
And their magnificent presence gracing the skies.
Yet we don’t realize,
How they often travel on their own;
How they soar in the skies, high up and the road less traveled;
How they keep their composure calm and collected;
And how their sharp eyes stay focused on their target before they go in for the kill.
Despite being alone a lot of the time,
Eagles do have a community that looks out for each other.
Eagles coddle their young until they are ready to venture out into the world on their own,
And when an eagle finds a fellow eagle,

It is an encouragement and a testament;
That despite being different from the others –
It does not mean that they are alone.

We are not really alone;
We just value a deeper connection.
They may never understand the eagle life;
And that is okay. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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