Don’t Underestimate Christian Girls

Edwin Andrade

She’s grown up in a Christian home; brought up with values close to the heart, and dresses up in frilly dresses on Sundays. She may be soft-spoken, slightly uncomfortable in social situations – but it does not mean that it is easier to take advantage of her.

She’s been taught to love with the love of Christ; thus trying to practice unconditional love, and not the notion of “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth”. She may want to put others before herself sometimes, may get run down by the emotional baggage she’s carrying – but it does not mean she’s expected to be the person who always has her act together.

She’s been brought up among Christian brothers and sisters; and she’s grateful for the community of support she has behind her. She may be familiar with a Christian environment, and is invested in her pursuit of a higher calling – but it does not mean that she shuns those who are not of the same faith.

She’s read about the sanctity of marriage, and she understands the want for love and a life partner. She may rattle off on the qualities she would hope for in a dream guy, swooning over certain actors in the news – but it does not mean she will put her relationship with God on the back burner for a man.

She’s been taught about God’s unconditional love; and she’s constantly been singing “Jesus Loves Me” and other hymns in Sunday school. She may be rooted in the Word, and she believes in His love with her whole heart – but it does not mean she’s not susceptible to her own personal insecurities.

She’s a dreamer; and there are many things she wishes to accomplish on her bucket list. She may get distracted by the hustle and bustle of it all, or the possibility of the riches of this world – but it does not mean that her priority for her faith grows any lesser.

She’s a believer; and she vows to live her life according to God’s will. She may be committed to her faith, and loves the Lord – but it doesn’t mean she is perfect. She will fall, she will repent, and she may repeat this cycle more than seventy times seven times.

She has a heart for people; and believes there is still some good left in humanity. She may get hurt more often than not, and may be seen as a source of ridicule – but it does not make her any less whole. She’s learned to draw the line, keep her stance, and be more thoughtful towards her body being the temple of God.

She’s a Christian; which in the modern day, may bring in articles of extremism, detailed mockings of the Word, and twisted interpretations of the faith. She may be questioned constantly, her stance be shaken every so often – but it does not make her a doormat.

Just because she believes in the good of people, it does not make her a doormat.

Just because she cares, it does not make her a doormat.

Just because she is a Christian, it does not make her a doormat. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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