This Hilarious Social Experiment Proves People On The Internet Are Willing To Believe Anything

Have you ever pretended to know something to avoid seeming stupid? Well apparently everybody’s doing it.

Jonny Sun has taken the internet by storm with his extremely clever social experiment. Jonny posted a completely fabricated tweet about Will and Jada Pinkett Smith to see if people would believe it and how they would respond. Remember, the fact is completely FALSE AND MADE UP!

When Jonny created a fake Google result implying that the couple named their children after their first names and middle initials (Willow and Jaden), people were quick to believe it was true!

Even entire websites picked up Jonny’s fake information and posted it!

Not only do Twitter followers mistakenly believe this fiction for fact, but they PRETEND as if they already knew this information like it was OLD NEWS.

When people took the time to fact check Jonny’s tweet, they had no hesitation in voicing their opinions about the internet and social media.

Jonny Sun is certainly stirring things up!

Lesson learned: don’t believe everything you read on the internet. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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