23 Deliciously Bizarre Food Creations That Will Make You The Hungriest You’ve Ever Been

1. I’d like my buns scrambled, please. “The Inverse Breakfast Burger.”

2. When you just want a cannoli for breakfast.

3. Cinnabon ON STEROIDS.

4. Those tater tots though.

5. Get in my belly!

6. Who needs a bun when you have bacon wrapped cheese?

7. The Ramen we all should’ve made in college.

8. Sticky buns, yum.

9. What better way to celebrate equality than with cake balls?

10. When you can’t decide between hot dogs or pizza.

11. Deep fried Big Mac…I’m lovin it.

12. I’ll have my fries in my burger, please.

13. Innovation at its best.

14. Avocado piñata.

15. Who doesn’t love a Ho Ho?!

16. All funnel cakes should be served like this.

17. Pop Tart inside of a donut?!

18. Mexi-talian.

19. One big burger.

20. Bacon, snickerdoodles, and ice cream, because why not?

21. When you want your caffeine fried.

22. Two desserts in one!

23. Pizza bagels!

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