11 Chefs And Line Cooks Reveal The Food They Absolutely Hate You For Ordering

Flickr / olle svensson
Flickr / olle svensson

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1. The no gluten stuff, when they are drinking a beer, seriously.


2. My moms a bartender and gets livid with all the women that come in with a complicated drink recipe they found on Pinterest, have to explain it, fuck up while doing so, then complain it sucks.


3. I work for catering.
No, I cannot make you something that is not on the menu. We usually work weddings. At whose wedding have you ever been able to ask for a grilled cheese for your 7-year-old?


4. Appetizer sampler. It takes up all the time and space of making numerous appetizers at the same time but it’s all just for one dish. They are really annoying to make if you are already busy cooking other dishes.


5. I don’t know if this counts but when people order soft serve ice-cream with the chocolate dip covering. 9/10 times I end up dropping the cone into the dip.


6. If you don’t want tomato on your burger that’s one thing, but If you have to give instructions when you’re ordering, just get something else, or just cook for yourself.


7. I hate when people order something completely not in the menu. We had an order in the other day for gluten free pasta, tomato sauce, and parmesan chicken. NONE of which are on our menu.


8. Ordering off of a different menu (brunch,lunch) during dinner service always brings out a monster in me.


9. I work at Panera Bread. If you order a turkey avacado BLT, odds are, im going to think about killing you.
the reason for this is because our sourdough bread is *really tiny. It doesnt like to fit. Order it on different bread please. :)


10. Anything at last call.
Most items within an hour of closing.


11. I work in coffee, and I hate every single person who thinks that their drink has to be fully customized to be an extension of your personality. Bitch, go to Starbucks. In that vein, I know full well what a tall and grande are, but here we call it small or large and I will pretend I don’t know what you’re talking about because I am petty. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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