22 Men Admit The Most Feminine Things They’re Secretly Into

Flickr / Guilherme Yagui
Flickr / Guilherme Yagui

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1. I really love flowers. I like to smell them and look at them and arrange them. I just love them… and I am otherwise a manly man.


2. Long baths with aromatic salts and soaps. We like to unwind sometimes too!!


3. As a 25 year old single male it has to be Disney movies (including the princess ones). I am not ashamed and I tell everyone. I got so much Disney knowledge.

I am known to sit in my apartment and watching them after a bad day, bit of escapism goes along way.


4. I always talk about men I find hot. Mostly with gay friends (but not exclusively). Relevant info: I’m not gay.


5. Nice smelling shampoo.
I mean Clairol Essenses. That shit smells fantastic and I deserve it.


6. Musical theatre is one of my favorite things. I jam to show tunes whenever I’m in my car.


7. I’m a manly engineer man who works out 3-4 times a week, and I freaking love scented candles.
I love the smell, I love the ambiance of the fire, I love how it helps nullify the ‘dude’ smell in my place. Having a few candles lit during the dark nights of winter makes it so much more cozy. It’s not a secret for me, I’m damn proud of my candles, no matter how feminine it may seem


8. Being the little spoon. Seriously ladies your SO secretly likes to be cuddled like he is wearing a cute jetpack. Bonus points if you fiddle with his junk while you do it.


9. Gilmore Girls


10. Feminine facial products (exfoliant for example). Got rid of my acne.


11. Yes, I’m deadlifting 315 for reps right now. Yes that’s a real beard. And yes, that is Blank Space by Taylor Swift blasting in my headphones.


12. I secretly like… cuddling and commitment.


13. The movie Mean Girls.


14. I’m a straight male, but my guy friends and I cuddle all the time. Not out of intimacy or anything, just because we have almost zero boundaries and it just kinda happens. I can’t say I don’t enjoy it though.


15. I get pedicures very regularly. People mock me, but they don’t understand the joy of it. I also get my toe nails painted. Who doesn’t like bright colors.


16. Frozen fruity drinks. I cannot stand the taste of any beer I’ve ever tried. I don’t like the taste of alcohol, but I’ll drink straight liquors because the effect is faster and stronger. But give me something that tastes like a slushie, and I’ll drink those all day.


17. Pink. It’s a fucking nice color.


18. Fruit flavored chapstick. I don’t know why this even has to be a feminine thing. Fruit tastes good and being able to taste that all the time seems like a thing every gender should want.


19. Twilight.


20. The Bachelor. I find all of the drama to be hilarious!


21. Gawking at puppies.


22. Candles and Pinterest. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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