17 Adorable Cats That Will Always Be Richer Than You

1. This is the most expensive faux fur money can buy.

2. These glasses cost more than I did.

3. I learned how to count with Benjamins.

4. I only eat gourmet.

5. I woke up like this.


6. I’m bald, but I’m rich.

7. That’s just my litter box.


8. Can’t be bothered.

9. You still owe me.

10. My new kicks.

11. Our monthly allowance.

12. Do these shades match my Louie?


13. Worked my way to the top.

14. Scratchin that pole.

15. Don’t mess with me.

16. Don’t even think about it.

17. The tooth fairy leaves me hundreds. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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