16 People Share Their Funniest, Cruelest, And Completely Crazy April Fools’ Day Pranks

Shutterstock / Nataliya Nazarova
Shutterstock / Nataliya Nazarova

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1. Piece of opaque tape over the lazer on everyone’s mouse. I.T. was pretty pissed, I need to take that one to the grave with me.


2. I told my mom I’d heard on the news that someone released freshwater sharks into Lake Michigan. She was freaking out, saying, “OMG NOW WE CAN’T SWIM IN THE SUMMER! WHAT’S WRONG WITH PEOPLE?!”


3. My mom used to be a hunt-and-peck typer, so one year I pried all the keys off of her keyboard and re-arranged them in alphabetical order.
She got pretty mad, but she decided that maybe she should learn to type properly, so she did. That prank wouldn’t work today.


4. I have a key to the vending machine at work. I’ve been wanting to buy a bunch of bananas and replace all the chips and candy with them.


5. One April 1st I got up before my wife. I went to the kitchen to get some water. I opened the curtains to see that our neighbour’s house, across the lane, was on fire. I ran to the bedroom and told my wife. She opened one eye and said, “Sure, sure. Ha ha.” She got up seconds later when she could hear the fire trucks. Every April 1st, as a joke, I tell her the same thing.


6. Buy someone a smoothie but put the end of their straw in a mustard packet.


7. Cover the top of the ceiling fan with glitter.


8. I replaced a picture of one of my friend’s family members with a black and white picture of Boris Johnson.


9. A few years ago I bought 200 packets of mayonnaise and hid them all over my boyfriend at the time’s room. I tucked them in the pockets of all his clothes, in his board games, behind his wall art- anywhere you could think of there was mayonnaise. He was still finding mayo a couple years later.


10. I told my friend I was pregnant as a prank and he offered to marry me and raise the baby together…it didn’t feel like a prank anymore.


Unscrew shower head
Fill shower head with red Kool-Aid powder
Screw shower head back on
Even if you don’t get them before they get in the shower, a pretty good stream of red water comes out, looks like the shower is filled with blood. Scared the hell out of my mom when I was a kid with this one.


12. Years ago, my brother needed to babysit our neighbours kid on April 1st, and decided to teach the kid to count: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10.
No 7.
The kid had already covered the numbers in school or from his parents, but my brother convinced him with a very rhythmical counting song that the 7 didn’t belong (additionally, it’s the only one with two syllables, so it clearly doesn’t need to be there).
It took the kid’s parents weeks to un-learn that.
My brother thought it was hilarious!


13. You know that powdered cheese that comes with mac & cheese? Put that in a pitcher with some water and stir it up. It should look like orange juice.


14. Slowly mixed soap up in my roommates toilet bowl and reservoir. When he woke up that morning to pee he caused a pillar of bubbles to rise out of the bowl. Flushing only made it worse. He screamed in terror as he looked on, powerless to stop the bubbles.


15. I taught english in South kKorea. I gave my bratty sixth graders a word search that didnt have any of the words in it.


16.I work at an auto parts store and one time my coworker filled a washer fluid bottle with blue Kool-aid. Took it out of a box and started chugging it in front of customers. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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