16 People Share The Best Alcoholic Drink Concoctions They Made Themselves

Flickr / TMAB2003
Flickr / TMAB2003

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1. Half grape kool-aid, half vodka. I call it a “Lonely, Miserable Bastard” after the creator.


2. Tang and red wine. It’s like poor people sangria.


3. Orange Fanta and Captain Morgans tastes like orange sherbet.
Also there is a shot called a Water Moccasin. However, it can also be made into a refreshing drink that can will fuck you up.
Cup of Crown Royal, half a cup of Peach Schnapps and Sweet n Sour mix.
I am an alcoholic so I just measure with my mind.


4. Shooter I developed on a ski trip called “Turds on the Mountain”.

Equal parts Bailey’s, Kahlua and Amaretto. Topped with whipped cream and 3 chocolate chips.


5. Three parts bourbon, one part beef stock.

It’s delicious and terrible at the same time.


6. It’s a shot called a Tijuana Police Officer It’s not the best in that it’s good, but in that it served a purpose. In the Marines when new guys checked into our unit we would get them drunk on these to welcome them.

3 parts bottom shelf tequila
1 part juice from a jar of pickled quail eggs
1/2 a pickled quail egg on top.


7. Tequila mixed with Tequila.


8. Any flavor of those mountain dew Kickstart drinks and malibu.


9. Friends created Purple-Drank (or drink)
Blue Raspberry Schnapps
Red Raspberry Schnapps
Sierra Mist
Get’s white girls wasted.


10. Whiskey & Apple Juice.
Whiskey & Sweet Tea.
Whiskey & Root beer.


11. Orange Cream Svedka Vodka and Cherry Coke. Was pretty good.


12. Vanilla cinnamon Jager and root beer. Good times.


13. Captain Morgan Tattoo + Sprite, tastes exactly like Dr. Pepper and is extremely easy to drink and get smashed on.


14. Jack Daniels, and licorice tea.

– anonymous

15. 2 parts vodka 1 part blue curacao 1 part orange juice. I take shots of it. Call it the Sonic Screwdriver.


16. Lemon juice, blended whisky, and crushed ice with mint.


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