13 Couples Reveal Their Bizarre Code Words For Having Sex

Shutterstock / oneinchpunch
Shutterstock / oneinchpunch

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1. My gf asks me “want to play?”
She was a virgin in highschool and was super shy. She said it as a euphemism one time and 4 years later we still say it.


2. “Cookie?”
My boyfriend used to ask “quickie?” rather often. The one time I asked for a quickie, he thought I was asking for a cookie. In bed. Now we just ask each other for cookies.


3. “The kids are asleep…” ;)


4. We should study.
Yeah right, like either of us studies. Lol.


5. “I think we should put the dog in the closet tonight.” No weird innuendo intended — I can’t perform while my dog is in the room.


6. Snugglies. It was my wife’s idea, I forget how it came up. I don’t argue because sex.


7. Will the master of ceremonies be attending the banquet in the ballroom tonight?


8. Watch a Movie.


9. Want some cheese?
Comes from a Fresh Prince of Bel Air episode: “Some guy’s gonna try to be all over you like cheese on a Big Mac.”


10. Oh shit we’re supposed to have a code word? I’m relationshipping wrong.


11. Netflix?


12. “Taylor Swift”
The first time we had sex Taylor Swift was playing. Fast forward a few weeks later were at a bar and I went up to him and said “Hey, wanna Taylor Swift when we get home?” I never heard the end of that one.


13. No code. We just talk to each other openly, what a concept. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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