12 Men Openly Admit What Made Them Cry Like A Child

Shutterstock / Jaromir Chalabala
Shutterstock / Jaromir Chalabala

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1. When my nephew was born. I never realized how precious life was. He was born very weak and very sick, and to see this tiny little person fighting so hard to experience life, it was beautiful.


2. My father died on the 14th of December 2014. Just a few months back. I’m 23 and I bawled like a 4 year old lost in the mall. I cried for basically 2 days straight. This man taught me everything. He was my everything and my hero. He gave up so much to ensure that I got what I wanted even when he really couldn’t afford it. He told me stories of his paramedic days and how much he loved it. When I was born he quit the next day to ensure I would be taken care of, and when I turn 4 and my mother walked out on us, he stated taking whatever job he could to sustain us. He taught me everything from car care, to carpentry, to basic electrical work, and even things like how to manage my money as an adult.

He went out of his way to support my desires in school and aid me in any adventures I worked on despite me being a really shitty child. We argued a lot, but that man taught me everything.
I just started crying again. Fuck you op.


3. Fiance left me


4. Back when I was in university. My mom was in hospital in a very critical state, was alone in the room, put on some music (I don’t remember which song) but the tears just streamed down my face.


5. When I had to put my dog down. I cried like a little bitch on the way home. And then I cried like a little bitch at home the rest of the day.


6. Marley and Me.


7. Haven’t cried in a few years but the last time I did it was because my ex was moving to WV and I really loved her and it was out of nowhere.


8. I had a REALLY stressful day one time. My girlfriend (Now wife) came to visit me and I was so happy to see her that my emotions got confused and I broke down and started crying the exact moment she came in the door.


9. Every time one of my pets I love die. And maybe once every 8 months because….life and stuff


10. My best friend, who I call a brother, left for basic training. That was the last time I can remember crying.


11. My mother wrote me a birthday card telling me she was happy and that she loved me. Really got me thinking about how terribly I’ve been treating my relationship with her.


12. I dislike the notion that you’re not supposed to cry simply because you’re a man, it’s stupid. I pretty much cried all day long when i had to put my cat down. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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