12 People Reveal The Stupidest Questions They’ve Heard In Sex Ed Class

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1. A kid in my health class asked if you could keep sperm, like pets in a fish tank


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2. This was a question asked by me when I was in 7th grade. My teacher had explained what ejaculation was and for some reason, my 7th grade mind thought it was the boy equivalent to periods. I asked where boys put tampons. Yea, that was embarrassing.


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3. Volunteered at a teen education program for Planned Parenthood in the late 80s. Had a 16 year-old girl that had gotten pregnant but swore she had used the pill. Turns out she was inserting the pill into lady parts instead of ingesting orally.


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4. If I have sex underwater and get pregnant, will the baby be a mermaid?
…. responded with the deepest sigh ever and a slow turn to the next question.


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5. Is it true that if you don’t use it, you lose it?


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6. “Is the G-spot where the gangsters hangout?”


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7. This all girls class I taught, they asked (earnestly), “When do boys get their period?” We told them never, and they wanted to know, “what boys get instead.”
When we told them that there was no real equivalent for boys I thought there was going to be a riot.


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8. A kid in my class for 5th grade sex ed asked “Would you die if you cut your penis off?”


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9. “If a girl doesn’t want a baby, why can’t she just pee it out early?”


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10. In 5th grade I asked what a ‘man-gina’ was because I heard it on the boondocks at my cousin’s house. I got kicked out of the classroom and wasn’t allowed back.


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11. Not a sex ed teacher, but when I had to take sex ed in middle school another student asked the teacher how many dixie cups could a girl fill up during her period.


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12. “If I have sex at night, will she not get pregnant because the sperm is asleep?” Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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