40 Little Ways To Have A Happy Day


1. Wake up on your own
2. Take a long, hot shower while listening to your favorite music
3. Sing in the shower
4. Wear something that makes you feel beautiful (because you are beautiful)
5. Smile at yourself in the mirror
6. Have a slow cup of coffee to start the day
7. Buy a cup of coffee for someone who needs one
8. Listen to Billie Holiday
9. Read the newspaper
10. Recycle your newspaper
11. Say “good morning” to everyone you run into
12. Smile at strangers
13. Say please and thank you
14. Read a book (especially a classic or an old favorite)
15. Go for a walk outside
16. Look people in the eyes
17. Flip over any tails-up pennies you stumble upon, so that someone else can have a lucky day
18. Cook a warm meal for someone you love
19. Open a bottle of wine with dinner
20. Put your phone away when you talk to people
21. Ask an old friend out for lunch
22. Hand-write a letter to someone
23. Call your parents
24. Call your grandparents
25. Pay for the person behind you in line
26. Look through old photographs
27. Write something
28. Light a candle
29. People-watch in a park
30. Try something you’ve never done before
31. Take a bath
32. Go for a drive
33. Buy flowers, just to brighten up your kitchen table
34. Hug people when you say hello
35. Make a fire
36. Watch an old movie under a pile of blankets
37. Have a steaming cup of tea before bed
38. Make someone else’s day
39. Take the long way home
40. Breathe deeply, pause, and find joy whenever you have a moment.
Remember, it’s in the little things that happy hides. TC Mark

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