Having Feelings Doesn’t Make You Weak, It Makes You Human

Tyler Dozier

I’m not the type to show vulnerability. I don’t usually let people know what’s really on my mind, or what haunts me at night. But when I find someone who I want to let in, I don’t hold anything back. Maybe that’s where I go wrong. Maybe that’s why I’ve been burned, but it won’t change.

If I want to trust someone, I’ll trust them fully. I’ll put every ounce of my being into making them feel the way they make me feel. That feeling being comfortability and safety. You may enjoy someone’s company a lot, which is amazing to feel, but it’s not real until you can look into their eyes and think “wow that’s a reason to live. That’s a reason to let go of my past and move on. Those eyes are my saving grace.”

Because even if you don’t think you need an angel to save you, everyone needs someone at some point. You’ve been hurt before and it sucks to wonder why it didn’t work, but every relationship is different, whether romantic or platonic. People will always hurt you. Just as you will always hurt someone else. We’re human because we have the ability to feel those types of emotions on a different level than any other animal.

We cry because we’re hurt. We have a moment of happiness that makes us smile. We’re humored and we laugh. We kiss and have sex because we lust. We trust because we love. That’s the scariest part of life. Trusting someone. Loving someone. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Even when you get hurt by the person you love, you have all these amazing memories of happiness. So open up. Not to just anyone, because that’s hard to do, and not as special. But don’t be afraid of finding those few people who you can truly rely on to be there.

Let them take some burden away. Let yourself fall in love too, because it won’t be a mistake. Loving and trusting is never a mistake. If you’re scared of losing people, I’m right there with you, but you never know who’s going to leave and who’s going to stay. I don’t believe in “the one,” but I believe everyone finds someone that makes them feel safe. You’ll find comfort in their arms. You’ll search for their familiar smell that makes you smile whenever you get a hint of it. Their touch will give you goosebumps but make you feel like you’re being touched by the sky at the same time. And their eyes are the entire universe put into something so small and reachable.

You’ll have the world at your fingertips when you’re with them, and you probably won’t notice until you take it for granted and lose it. So all in all, love hard, trust who you want to love, and don’t ever take someone for granted. TC mark

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Image Credit: Tyler Dozier

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