A Reminder For Those Dealing With Criticism

You don’t like me? It’s alright, friendships come and go.
I’ve learned to stop begging people to stay in my life.
I’ve learned that you cannot convince others to love who you are.
I’ve learned that forced relationships are like time bombs,
which explode, creating trust-issues and tainting good souls.

You don’t like my attitude? It’s my way of dealing with feelings.
Passersby in your life will dismiss your emotions.
They’ll say you are only looking for attention.
They’ll think you’re all about validation.
Don’t let them name the feelings only you have experienced;
they are entirely yours to protect or to heal.

You don’t like my personality? It’s not about image but rather substance.
You think I live for your opinion,
but you’re the one who keeps badmouthing my name.
I’m learning how to properly love myself;
I won’t let my growth be determined by molds and changing standards.

You think it’s all a competition? Life is not a game show.
Pursuing victims to denigrate is a consequence of either jealousy or a lack of self-love.
Everyone is working in their own way to achieve their ideal self.
Nobody should be shamed for following their own rhythm.

I won’t obsess over the pain of letting people go.
I will forgive those who decide to go their own way.
I will wholeheartedly love those who stay and care for my sake.

I won’t let others’ opinions shatter me.
I will fully experience every emotion present in my life.
I will live passionately.

I won’t try to meet others’ expectations.
I will live for my own goals and aspirations.
I will look at the mirror and proudly love my reflection.

I won’t play part of a subjective competition of who’s better.
I will learn from the good qualities of those around me.
I will not compare myself to others, but rather elevate the beauty of individual expression.

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