10 Ways To Get Your Crush To Go Out With You

Have you been trying for months, but have no clue whether your crush likes you back? Are you seeking for signs to stop or just endure what you have started? Here are my simple (suggested) moves to get your crush and finally call them yours!

1. Flowers and chocolates plus simple, but sincere dedication. People appreciate simple efforts and gifts. As we all know, Pinoys used to give Pinays flowers and chocolates when they court them. It feels traditional to do so.

Just to make it more personalized, I suggest that you should write a simple dedication to your crush. Write from the bottom of your heart. Express to that note what you feel. May it be in English, Filipino, Spanish, Waray, Bisaya, Hiligaynon, etc. as long as they can understand you. As we all know, the person with the crush usually keep quiet and prefer to hide what they feel. If you do the other way, the person you have a crush on will feel flattered. That’s what we call genuine effort!

2. A candlelight date with music and food. It may sound too classy but what I mean of candle light date is not about expensive resto and hiring a band. You can have a date anywhere, which is a humble yet romantic place. Importantly, both of you are together and enjoying each other’s company. Of course, don’t forget that this date is prepared for your crush so make this date with her all-time favorite songs and food. It will impress them knowing that you’re interested in the same thing.

3. Be polite to their parents. To family-oriented countries like ours, it is important to have the approval of our parents. When you’re courting someone, your relationship with their parents and loved ones is essential. Start building it by being polite to their parents through simple gestures of “mano”, saying “po” and “opo” and asking their permission when you want to go out with their daughter.

4. Texting and/or calling them everyday. Texting or calling is a sign that you remember them by the time you wake up until you’re about to sleep. It’s not being possessive but it makes your crush feel special and remembered. Just get used to it and be patient. Remember that you’re still trying to win their heart!

5. Prepare and sing a song or dance for your crush. Preparing a song or dance only for your crush is a very sweet idea. Just imagine your crush all smiles, laughing and clapping to your song!

6. Walk them home. Well, this kind of move is not new. Don’t forget the goodbye kiss, of course!

7. Don’t forget their special day. Never ever forget their special day. Know what your crush wants and what they don’t, so that you’ll have a guide to draw their smile. If you won’t, I’m sure it will be the end of the world for you.

8. Make friends with their friends. Friends will be there for your crush no matter what. They are the ones who give them advice whether to keep you or just dump you. Well, I’m not saying that you need to bribe your crush’s friends, but make sure that you have a good relationship with them.

9. Understand your crush and have some patience. 

10. Be honest. As what Honesto utters, “Liars go to hell!” In everything you do for your crush, just be honest so that they come to trust you. Do everything that can make you trustworthy. Go for gold! Good luck! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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