Exactly How To Make Each Of The Zodiac Signs Find You Completely Irresistible

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You have to commit to getting to know them because it might take a while. Also because there are so many secretive, detailed things about them that will take a long time to come out. You have to be willing to be patient and fight through the past pains with them. To want to know every single little part about them that makes them who they are, otherwise, you will simply never understand.


You have to be sensitive. You have to be able to understand why they’re quiet or hyper or sad or angry. In order to be with them, you have to be able to sit through every emotion they have and hold them when they need it. You have to be able to understand when they need you, without any words.


You have to be willing to get out of your comfort zone. A Gemini will challenge you in external and internal ways, and if you’re not open to it, they can sense that. You have to be willing to go on adventures and explore the world. But most of all, you have to be willing to explore yourself.


You have to accept a love that is far more than anything you think you deserve. They know that they love hard and that they probably won’t ever get all of that love back, but they don’t care. What matters is, you don’t need to let that type of love scare you away. As long as you’re willing to accept it, they are willing to give it.


You have to be ready for passion. You have to be ready to dive in really deep and give it your all because a Leo needs that. If you are helping them, they will help you back. You have to be willing to give a good amount of your attention to them on a daily basis. Otherwise, they will feel unappreciated. They want to feel wanted just as they will always try your best to make you feel wanted. They want that effort to be two ways.


You have to be willing to understand that a Virgo will not always be present. They have a deep mind and get lost in their thoughts, and sometimes they will need you to help them get back to reality. They’re up in the clouds, and sometimes they want someone to dream with, and other times, they need someone to take them back to the ground. It’s up to you to figure out what they need.


You have to be willing to be a shoulder to cry on. You have to understand that a Libra does not let their emotions out to just anyone, and if they let them out to you, you are special. They need that unwavering love. Once they open up to you, you will understand just how special and authentic a love like theirs can be.


You have to listen to them. A Scorpio has lots of thoughts and ideas and pictures in their head, and unfortunately, they feel unheard most of the time. It breaks their heart more and more every time they feel like someone doesn’t care to listen. A Scorpio mind is a colorful mind, and you have to be interested in it in order to be close to them.


You have to be willing to support them. Because a Sagittarius will get scared and stressed and not know what to do frequently, they will rely on you for that relief and that feeling of knowing that everything will be okay. You’ll have to listen to hours of venting. But after all of this, you will find that you’ve really found yourself a true companion.


You have to understand that they have a life of their own, but you really are their number one. They will work hard on themselves day and night, and when they don’t have time for you, that doesn’t mean they don’t love you. They will say it without words every day. They make themselves better so that they can be better for you. You will not see it, but every choice they make actually involves the thought of you.


You have to be willing to check into your childish side every once in a while. They want to let go and be able to do it with someone else. They don’t need someone who will only add more stress. They need a best friend and a lover all in one.


You have to talk about the deep things. The things that hurt and the things that aren’t fun. A Pisces will inevitably pour their heart out to you, in hopes for the same thing back. They will only feel close to you and feel satisfied if you let them into the deep parts of yourself, and if you are genuine and authentic with them like they are with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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