5 Everyday Things Only People Who Feel ‘Too Much’ Will Relate To

Kinga Cichewicz / Unsplash

1. You can only let out your feelings to maybe one or two people because the rest just don’t understand.

It gets frustrating trying to explain yourself to people who simply don’t have the same heart as you. It feels like you’re constantly on a different wavelength than anyone else. But when you do find the people who are the same as you, you hold them very close to your heart. You wouldn’t ever think of letting them go or letting that connection fade.

2. You feel it everywhere.

You get the sinking stomach, the hurting heart, the headaches. You feel every emotion so intensely, that you feel it everywhere in your body, too. There’s no escaping it. You’re so immersed in what you’re feeling, and all you can do is try to enjoy the ride.

3. You’re so in love with love that you can’t contain it.

Since you feel everything so deeply, you, of course, would want the one thing that feels the best. It’s sometimes the only thing you can talk about. Being in love is a whole new level for you, and even thinking about it just makes you want to shout from mountaintops. It’s a whole new high for you, to feel something so deeply for someone else.

4. You’re too passionate for your own good.

With deep feeling, comes deep passion. You live for the things that make you feel alive because it’s all so addicting and intense for you. You almost get frustrated because people don’t reciprocate that passion, and you wonder how people actually live without feeling it.

5. You feel what everyone else feels, too.

You’re extremely empathetic. Maybe it’s because you know the bad feelings just as well as the good. You want to connect with people because you can feel what they feel. You want to help and give them the understanding that you may have never had before. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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