Never Forget That The Little Things In Life Are The Most Meaningful

Girl enjoying the little things in life
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I think it’s safe to say that the world can be overwhelmingly scary sometimes, and most people would agree.

I think that we are frightened by the unexpected and the unknown because we don’t prepare ourselves for these kinds of possibilities in the best ways possible, since we don’t know what will happen, until it actually does. And probably because the idea of change makes us uncomfortable.

Although most of us have encountered some of the same incidents/tragedies more than once in our lifetimes, we still never feel any better or any more prepared for it once they occur again.

We experience death, natural disasters, heartbreak, and every couple of years we experience shitty leaders running our world into chaos. None of this is new, and all of it has probably been experienced more than once in our lifetime and in those before us.

However, we still become shocked, we still mourn the losses, we still cry over breakups, and sometimes we continue going on with the belief of “I don’t know what I would do if that happened to me.”

Surprisingly, this is normal right? For us to live this way because we’re human and that’s the way things are. We’re allowed to feel uncomfortable and to fear what’s to come, especially when we’re unsure of how these situations will be handled.

The more I think about this though, the more I realize that there’s a reason why people say it’s the little things that matter, because it’s so true.

It is the little things that get us through these fears and feelings of discomfort. It’s the familiarity of what we know that soothes the fear of the unknown.

Going to your favorite restaurant for food or going to the same bar for drinks you know that you like. For some of us, it’s going home to our dogs and our messy rooms, or having our moms make us our favorite “comfort food” because it warms our insides.

These little things bring us joy after a hard day, or distract us from an unpleasant reality that we want to avoid facing for a bit, and that’s reasonable.

I know a couple of people who absolutely hate the idea of newness and change altogether, and don’t even want to try embracing it. The reason for this? It’s the fear of the unknown again, lingering.

I know it is common to feel apprehensive towards the idea of having to change our actions and what our minds are used to.

For instance, how fun is it looking for a new job? I don’t mean finding one, I mean searching. Finding a job is the fun part but the process is never fun because it’s nerve-racking and overwhelming.

So I can sort of see why change isn’t welcomed with open arms all of the time. But I’m here to remind you all that it is still necessary for your personal growth.

Yes, there is such a thing as “good change.”

I think it’s important to recognize this every now and then. I also think that having a balance of the little things in our lives is necessary, as long as we allow for change.

We do appreciate life a little more through our enjoyment of these “little things,” and sometimes these little joyful moments/things come from new experiences.

There’s that balance I was talking about!

Sometimes, one of the little things keeping us happy is getting a text from our new crush – or hearing a new song by our favorite artist.

It all comes together without us even noticing sometimes, but I mean how do we expect to have favorites? It would mean we have to try new things every now and then.. and that proves change isn’t so bad, after all. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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