24 Customers Every Retail Worker Has Encountered

Flickr / Mike Kalasnik
Flickr / Mike Kalasnik

1. The “Do you work here?” customer

No, I’m just wearing a shirt with the store’s name and logo on it, a name tag, and a headset for fun!

2. The “I don’t know what store I’m in” customer

*presents you with a coupon from a different store*

You: “This is from a different store”
Customer: “Really?! What store am I in?”

*spends an additional 10 minutes looking for a coupon for the right store*

3. The helpless customer

Customer: “Where do you have _______________?”

*States exactly where in the store said item is and even points to it*

*2 minutes and 30 seconds later*

Customer: “I can’t find it”

4. The “Do you have it in the back?” customer

5. When you don’t have any in the back, the “Can you check again?” customer

6. The “I can’t find my size, but there’s more on the top can you get a ladder” customer


*breaks a sweat attempting to drag ladder from opposite side of the store. Upon return, the customer is gone*

7. The “I just got my nails done can you take my card/cash out of my wallet for me?” customer

*Has a wallet so full it can’t even close. Can’t find the card they’re looking for, can’t decide which card to use*

8. The senior citizen who tries to purchase every single item for a cheaper price customer

9. The customer who attempts to have six different transactions because they have six different coupons

10. The customer who spends a solid five minutes deciding whether to get a rewards card or not

11. The pre-teen who presents you with a literal scrunched up ball of cash that usually is way too much or way too little customer

12. The customer who gives you a hundred dollar bill for a $3.03 purchase

*Claims to not have any change on them*

13. The has three screaming little kids customer

*Typically stays in the store for at least 40 minutes*

14. The leaves the dressing room like a hurricane aftermath customer

15. The customer who approaches the register with 10 items, and says they aren’t going to take 9 of them

16. The “I’m also going to get this” after you already completed the transaction customer

17. The customer who calls you by your name in hopes of getting a discount

18. The customer who returns used items

19. The “Can I put this on hold?” customer

*Never returns for said item*

20. The “You had it last week, why don’t you have it anymore?” customer

Hmmm I don’t know, maybe because people BOUGHT ALL OF THEM?!

21. The customer who comes in three minutes before the store closes with a full list of things to buy

22. The customer who claims they didn’t know when the store closed

*Customers 21 and 22 are usually the same person*

23. The customer you spend 20 minutes helping, but then doesn’t buy anything. They leave the merchandise throughout various places in the store.

24. The friendly customer

A rare sighting, but definitely happens every once in a while.

“Have a great day!”

“Thank you so much for helping me!”

“You’re the best!”

It’s customers like these who are the reason you haven’t quit yet. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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