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If I Knew Of Our Ending, I Would Have Loved You Harder

If I knew that our times together were finite
and came with an expiry date,
I would have let my gaze linger longer,
kiss you as if it was our last,
and said I love you
every time we had to part.

If I knew that the million moments
that slipped me by were not infinite,
I would have memorized your familiar face,
your warm smile, your eyes full of love,
the times when you still loved me,
and inked our memories to permanence.

If I knew that our happy ending was not
set in stone and written in the stars,
I would have pleaded with the
sun and moon,
bargained with the universe for a
chance to rewrite our tale.

If I knew that we were
never meant to be together,
I would have given you all of me
hoping that it was enough.
I would have loved you
harder, as if it was possible.

If I knew that we were
living on borrowed time,
I would have tried to stop the
hand of time from turning.
I would have never wanted the
wheel of destiny to catch up to us.

If I knew that your love was wavering,
I would fight for us till
my last breath.
I would have convince
you of all the reasons
not to give up on us.

If I knew that our love would
eventually crumble to dust,
I would have built myself up to
stand tall and strong so that I
would not fall apart the instant
you left me.

If I knew of our ending,
I would not have held myself
back from loving you.
I would have continued to love
fiercely and ardently because
this is just the person I am.

If I knew what I know now,
I would smile because I know
the storm however arduous and dark
would eventually pass.
There will indeed be a day when
I stop yearning for your love.

I write about falling in love and out of love.

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