I’m Saying Goodbye To 2019

Goodbye 2019, I’m ready to part with you.

It felt like yesterday when I first laid my eyes on you. You represented all my hopes and dreams of a better future. You were the embodiment of all that I wanted to achieve. You epitomized all the daring adventures, experiences, and ventures that I longed to partake. You were the salvation I was hoping to lift me into the arms of sweet success.

I greeted you with exhilaration and elated joy. Now that it’s time to say goodbye, I will send you off and give you the proper closure you deserve. You had been a whirlwind of an emotional ride and there was laughter as well as tears. There were days when the frustration and disheartenment almost pushed me to the edge. The heartbreaking days when hope eluded me and I was afraid to be stuck frozen in grief and devastation. The relentless days that tested my patience and will-power not to give up and held on a little longer. The dark days when I was hit with setback and failure feeling as if I would never amount to much.

You were unpredictable in the torrent of change that rained upon me. I was unprepared to be flung outside my comfort zone where the learning curve was steeper than I expected. You were harsh and firm in your lessons bringing me through the different seasons of life where I learned all that I needed. You were merciless as I was dealt with losses and pain, and I knew I was never the same again.

However, it was also the darkest days that I discovered a strength I never knew existed. It was in letting go of all the people and situations that no longer served me that I found a new beginning. It was coming face to face with the hard and uncomfortable truth that I had to change before I started to take steps to revamp my life.

Goodbye 2019, I have to let you go.

I’m letting go of the untold stories, the unresolved closure, and the unsaid words. I am accepting that we often don’t get what we wanted and that’s okay too. Endings may be messy and changes are difficult to adapt. Friends may drift apart and lovers can become strangers. The successes and happiness of today may turn into a horrific tragedy of tomorrow.

What we have is this very moment. We may not be able to control what happened to us but we can choose the way we react to it. We may not know what the future holds but we can cherish the present and not let it slip it out of our grasp. What matters is how we rise up again after each fall. What matters is how we face the challenges before us refusing to be defeated. What is most important is how we face our fears courageously and conquered them with our determination, persistence, and resilience. What tells the most is how we’re still here coping, surviving, and thriving the best we can.

Goodbye 2019, thank you for all your lessons.

Thank you for showing me how I can rise from the ashes. Thank you for preparing me for the next decade. Thank you for giving me hope that next year will be better.

I write about falling in love and out of love.

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