One Day, You Will Meet The Love Of Your Life

One Day, You Will Meet The Love Of Your Life

One day, you will lock your gaze with someone having no idea that they are the one you have been waiting for. Things will progress naturally and you’ll be amazed by how at ease you feel.

You won’t fall senselessly into an impulsive romance. Instead, you will be filled with a curiosity to understand the intricacies of their mind and unravel their deepest passion. You will begin to know them slowly and won’t be propelled to rush into anything because they make you feel safe.

They keep you grounded and content at the moment. You know instinctively you can trust them and they give you no reason to doubt. And as time passes by, your feeling for them deepens and the bond you share with them intensifies.

One day, you will meet someone who chooses you and they will continue to love you every single day.

In this era of illusory love and fleeing relationship, they’re the love that stayed. They don’t see you as an option or an afterthought but instead, they are sincere in wanting to know you. They don’t impose unrealistic expectations of you but rather; accepts you and loves you for the amazing person you are. They don’t put you down but always encourage you to dream bigger, aim higher, and be better. They love you beyond your physical appearance and admires your strength, love the way you think and how they can talk to you about anything.

Their love is ceaseless and immeasurable. You won’t have to fight for their attention or try in vain to win their heart. You won’t have to put up your guard or hold yourself back lest they break your heart.

They’re the one you can proudly introduce to your friends and family and they’re every bit as excited and happy for you knowing that you have finally found the happiness you deserve. They’re the one you want to post lovey-dovey selfies with and proclaim how joyful they make you. They’re the one you discuss the future with like the wedding you’re going to have, the house you’re going to buy, and the life you’re going to build together.

One day, you will meet someone who will fight every obstacle to make your relationship last.

Before this, you only know of love that seeks the easy way out. When stormy days fall and life becomes difficult, they won’t take this as a sign to evaluate the relationship with you. They won’t allow this to affect both of you. They won’t see this as an irreconcilable difference that will break their relationship with you.

They’re the one that you can trust fully and count on no matter what happens. The one whose smile brightens up your day. The one you plan your vacation with and embark on countless adventures with. The best friend that knows you better than you know yourself. The soulmate of your dream that is all that you could ever hope for. The forever that you want to spend every moment with. The love that you cannot imagine your life without.

One day you will meet the love of your life and until then, please don’t ever stop believing in love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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