When You Love Someone, You’ll Fight For Them

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You don’t give up on the one you love.

When you love someone, truly love them; you don’t look for excuses to leave. You don’t see every obstacle as a reason for incomparability. You don’t mention about breakup easily as though it meant nothing to you.

When you love someone, leaving isn’t an option.

It’s not that your identity is based on who you’re with them. It’s that you love being around them and the person you’re when you’re with them. It’s integrating your life seamlessly with theirs and enjoying being part of their world. It’s truly knowing them beyond the superficial surface and still loving them for who they are. It’s connecting to them body and soul and communicating with them all your desires, dreams, and secrets trusting them wholeheartedly.

When you love someone, the thought of leaving won’t ever cross your mind. You will find a way to make it work. Life is unimaginable to be without the one who holds your heart. No distance or conflict can stand between you and your love. You’re willing to cross high fire and swim across oceans of treachery to be with them. It’s not a matter of how difficult it is but rather; it’s a question of how you will manage to work through the problems together.

When you love someone, you fight to keep them in your life. Dark days are part and parcel of life and it doesn’t faze you. You’re prepared for the challenges ahead knowing that any price is worth it for the one you love. You don’t run away at any pending problem and come what may, you’re determined to hold your partner’s hand and walk through it all.

So when you meet someone who takes the easy way out and refuses to fight for you, let them leave.

Let them turn their back on you and watch them leave. Let them say what they have to, knowing in the depth of your heart, you dodge a bullet with this one.

Let them leave because you know that if they’re the right person, they won’t go. Let them leave because you know you deserve someone so much better and who won’t leave you suddenly when it matter the most. Let them leave and take this lesson with you knowing that it’s their loss because you would have fought for them until your last breath.

But most importantly let them leave because a relationship takes two people to make it work. No amount of effort and dedication from you can change the outcome if their heart isn’t with you.

So please, let them leave because a relationship isn’t just about compromising your belief and settling for less than what you deserve. Let them leave because life is so much bigger than being in a relationship and convincing someone to love you back. Let them leave because they’re not your person and you know instinctively that they couldn’t give you what you want.

Let them leave because you shouldn’t waste your time on someone who would not do the minimum and fight to keep you in their life. Let them leave because your life will get so much better from now on without them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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