Send This To Your Boyfriend On Your Anniversary

To my boyfriend on our anniversary, thank you for making every day special.

Love with you is the surest thing that I have known. For someone who is guarded and struggles with overthinking, you have completely erased every last of my doubt from my mind. You have melted my resistance when you earnestly try to make things work with me. You have overcome any conflict with me because we’re a team and we will get through the good and bad times together.

You never fail to make me feel special every day. You kiss me so lovingly even as I rub my eyes sleepily in my pajamas reassuring me that I’m such a pretty sight. You indulge me with my favorite treats and spoil me silly with surprises to make me smile. You think of me first thing in the morning and I’m your last thought at night. You hug me tightly and give me non-stop encouragement when I’m down. You light up my world and I have never been happier than I am with you.

To my boyfriend on our anniversary, thank you for everything you have done for me.

Since being with you, my life has taken a complete turnaround for the better. Suddenly, my life has become more fulfilling, rewarding, and purposeful for all the right reasons.

You give me the courage and inspiration to stretch my comfort zone and venture into the wild unknown. You remind me that life isn’t mainly about the big things but the contentment to appreciate life’s simplicity. You accept me for who the person I am right now and have no desire to change me into someone else. You think of me first and that includes making the hard choices that are good for me but I don’t necessarily agree with. You give me honestly and a love that’s the most real I know.

Since the first day, you have shown me that you’re someone I can trust my whole life with. You’re more than just a boyfriend. To me, you’re the best friend I pour my heart and soul to, the one I trust to forever have my back. You’re the teammate who is in this with me together and every step we take is to make our way to our shared vision of spending the rest of our life

To my boyfriend on our anniversary, thank you for coming into my life and staying with me.

Every time I think about how we found each other at the most unlikely place and the way fate brings us together, I’m seized with overwhelming gratitude and amazement at the whole process. I begin to see that my past experiences had been leading up to meeting you and I cherish every moment of my present with you.

We didn’t set out to fall in love at the beginning but it just happens. Each time I look at you, I couldn’t believe how lucky I am to call you mine. This beautiful human being with the biggest heart filled with nothing but love, care, and compassion for me.

And if there’s such a thing as a soulmate, I believe that I have found it in you.

You with your soft words, gentle hands, and the ability to make me smile and laugh like nobody did. You with your best intentions towards me and doing all you can to take care of me. You with your silliness and crazy antics that have found a match in me.

On our anniversary, I am reminded again of all the things I love about you.

I remember just how much I love you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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