This Summer, I Hope You Take A Chance On Love

Raj Eiamworakul

This summer, I hope you fall in love.

I hope you take a chance and say yes to the first date. Take a leap of faith and give love a shot. Broaden your perspective and date someone other than your usual type. Live variously in the present moment and revel at how much fun you are having. Erase away your tears of yesterday and forget old hurt and exes that have no place in your current stage. Let go of past limitation holding you down and break free from anything that is holding you down.

I hope you’re doing well. I know that the past few months had not been the easiest for you. You were lost and confused over who to trust. You were jaded about finding love because you were convinced that you were going to be alone forever. You made mistakes and you had your heart broken more than once.

But take this upcoming summer as a brand new start. This is only the first half of the year. You still have an opportunity to do over. To revamp your life and declutter away chaos and messes that are clouding your better judgment. To remove people that are toxic to your well-being. To believe that today is the beginning of the rest of your life and it is up to you which direction you want to take.

I hope you find someone who deserves your big generous heart. That you fall for someone who looks at you as though you’re the only girl in the room. His actions and words follow through. He deleted his dating app after knowing that it’s you he wants to be with. He stops flirting with other girls because no one else matters to him.

You aren’t his option, his plan b, or his solution to boredom. You aren’t his almost, his wavering decision, or the one he let get away. You are his absolute commitment, his only choice, and the love of his life.

Every relic of his heart belongs to you. He doesn’t half- love or almost wants to be with you. He doesn’t go with the flow and see what happens. He doesn’t date other girls when you and him are getting serious. He doesn’t expect you to cater to his every demand while not reciprocating your affection.

I hope you meet the one who chooses you with absolute certainty that it’s you he wants or no one else.

And when you meet him, I hope you stop running away and decide to give you and him a chance. That you have the courage to look at fear of the unknown squarely and not let it defeat you. Despite the uncertainty and potential problem that may occur, you’re willing to grab this chance and love as though you had never been hurt.

Because unexpected new beginning often blossoms after the most devastating loss. You can transform the lessons that were handed to you and vow to do it differently this time around. Don’t be scared of how things can turn bad but embrace the possibility of how literally your dreams can come true.

This summer, I hope you embark on your love adventure and find what you’re looking for.

Because love as wildly unpredictable and terrifying as it is, it is every bit just as magical, healing, and worth it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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