Don’t Be The Girl Who Gave Up On Love

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After a series of failed relationships and broken hearts, it is hard not to get cynical about love.

You don’t mean to be pessimistic but there are days where you cannot imagine the day you will meet your true love. You cannot fathom why someone would love you for the person you are. You refuse to let your experiences harden you but you’re starting to feel weary about your situation.

Dating hasn’t been easy for you. You have been struggling for as long as you can remember. It seems that you have no luck when it comes to the romance department. You see all your friends getting coupled up and it’s hard to not feel left out. At your age, you just hope to find someone you can click well with and build a long-lasting connection with.

You’re not asking for the world, you just hope to be part of somebody’s world.

You put your heart on the line and you refuse to partake in the games of modern dating. When you’re interested in someone, you’re unafraid to make the first move. You text them and make plans with them. You won’t refrain yourself from letting them know the depth of your affection. You will go the extra mile just so to make them happy.

But unfortunately, fate hasn’t taken a liking to you. The kind of relationship that you’ve attracted seems to be the ones that string you along endlessly without giving you an answer. The type that sees you as a temporary present until someone better comes along. The ones who would never see you more as an option even when you put them as your priority.

Yet, what you must know is that sometimes the remedy is to love more. Don’t let your past experiences deter you from living your best life. Don’t wallow in self-pity thinking your life is ruined. Don’t stay stuck in the past believing this is the best you can get. Don’t start to accept that this is your story where you’re doomed to be in a one-sided relationship all your life.

Instead, you can learn to focus on yourself by doing what you love, by filling your days with your passion and laughter until your heart is full of warmth again. Follow your instincts and do not compromise your standards for anyone unworthy of your overflowing love. Go on to accomplish every single one of your goals and build up your skills so that you don’t stay stagnant. Move on to explore foreign lands and uncover different milestones that you’re grateful for the experiences.

You will live your own life and perhaps in the near future, you will cross path with the love of your life. And when that day comes, you will welcome them gladly into your life. You will learn to live, learn, and grow feeling unbelievably lucky that you have finally found a love that reciprocates your feeling.

You will continue to live courageously, fiercely, and passionately because a big-hearted girl like you will always choose love.

And because you still hold out hope that there is someone out there who is waiting for you. Someone who makes all your past experiences worth it. Someone who promises to love you forever and who will make good on his word. TC mark

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