You Love Me So Fiercely That I Just Want To Be With You

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You love me so tenderly that I forgot about my broken heart.

The tears that stained my pillow past midnight, the uncertainty and fear of an unknown future, the words that were designed to hurt me, the toxic love that brought me to the edge of ruin.

They were now a thing of the past.

Your hands are gentle as they caress my cheek. You softly tile my head up to look at you and the unspoken promise in those clear expressive eyes make my heart pound loudly in anticipation. You make love so straightforward; the two of us simply in love and content to be with each other. You teach me love can be so simple just us choosing to be together without any condition or transaction attached to it.

You love me so earnestly that I just want to reciprocate your feeling.

You give me your heartfelt honesty to love me the best way you can. You offer me a chance to explore our journey together and to conquer the big scary world side by side. You love me with every breath that you take and every inch of your big generous heart that touch me deeply to my soul.

My steely resolve to guard my feeling and my once impregnate defenses have dissolved completely leaving me completely enchanted with you. My excuses to run away from love have been taken over by my stronger desire to stay with you. My rationale for the odds against us has been replaced by optimistic hope that we can triumph over anything together. My false and inferior complex of how I don’t deserve love has been demolished by my determination to love you and never look back.

You love me so fiercely that there is never any doubt in my mind that you’re the one, the only one for me.

I’m my worst enemy when it comes relationship. There will be days when I overthink problems that didn’t exist. I will think that I have to overcompensate over the areas I find myself lacking as if I wasn’t good enough the way I am. I will push you away becoming withdrawn as I’m struggling to fight against my inner demon tormenting me with my most feared nightmare no one would love someone like me.

Yet when I’m drowning in my despair, you simply stand by me with your quiet and unwavering presence proving to me without a doubt that my worries are merely a figment of the imagination of my overactive mind. You never fail to put me first place even above yourself that I’m overwhelmingly touched and humbled that there is indeed someone out there who loves me wholly for who I am. And when life inevitably happens, you didn’t bail and choose the easy option. You stay with me and work through all the hard issues with me every step of the way.

After all that you have done for me, how could I remain unmoved by you? How could I stop myself from falling hopelessly in love with you? How could I begin to tell you how much you have touched me and how I want no one else but you?

Now all I want to do is love you back with wild abandon.

All I want to do is match the ferocity of your affection, the sincerity of your intentions, and embrace the indisputable fact that I’m irresistibly in love with you. All I want is to accept your love and love you back.

All I want is to be with you forever. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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