This Is Why I Will Marry You

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I will marry you because you simply get me.

In a crowded room, in the stillness, and in the midst of chaos, I can always count on you. Your strong shoulders to lie on, your amazing ability to push my dark anxiety at bay, and your ceaseless affection that never stops caring for me.

You know when I’m feeling nervous and squeeze my hand encouragingly. You listen to me patiently even as I recount the past happening for the tenth time letting me vent away my frustration. You bring me to my favorite places just because you want to see my eyes light up in delight. You do the little things for me be it ensuring I get home safely or reminding me to eat my meals.

You’re the person I dreamt of meeting since I was young. Every single time that I think of how far we’ve come, I cannot believe that I get to call you mine. Your perseverance, your kindness, and your generosity in the way you love me greatly inspire me to open my heart and love you back just as fiercely.

I will marry you because I’m utterly, deeply in love with you, and you’re the only one I want to be with.

When I think of love, you’re the first thought that comes to my mind and I feel a big wide smile spreading across my face. I think of how all the clichés of how you’ll know when you meet the right one and agree vehemently because, with you, I just know.

I just know that you’re someone I can trust my heart with. Someone who will never let me down and who will never stop loving me with everything you have. I just know that we’re the right fit together because we share the same dreams and aligned goals for our future. I just know beyond any doubt and uncertainty in my mind that I love you and you’re my right person.

I will marry you because you never stop trying and fighting to give me the best you have.

Be it fleeing moment of unhappiness or difficult times, the thought of giving up has never crossed your mind. In fact, when life becomes more strenuous than usual, you work even harder to make time for me and shower me with reassurance and love. When crisis happens and stormy days are aplenty, you make the effort to show me how resolute you are to overcome the troubles with me together.

You’re my lighthouse, a beacon of hope for my future and your warmth burns perpetually in my life. You’re my soulmate I believe I found who compliments my differences and I rejoice over how similar we really are. You’re the happy ending I want to kick start my upcoming days with, except that this is not the end. It’s the beginning of our life together.

So when you pop the question, know that my answer is yes. Yes, I will marry you because you’re the only one for me.

Yes, I will marry you because I love you.

Yes, I will marry you because I have been waiting all my life for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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