This Is How You Lead Your Best Life After Losing Him

This is how you lead your best life after losing him.

Firstly, you don’t think that losing him is a loss. Maybe in a small way, it is. You lost someone important to you for a period of time. In some way, you felt cheated of your feeling and robbed of a future that you believed was yours. And a small part of you is worried that you may not meet another like him anymore.

However, here’s the thing that you need to know. If you were meant to be with him, this breakup wouldn’t have happened.

If he was really your person and the soulmate that you thought he was, then he wouldn’t have turned and run the instant things proved to be too hard. He wouldn’t have ended it the way he did without any consideration for your feelings. He wouldn’t have broken your heart when you trusted him implicitly not to.

Love for all its complexity and complications is relatively straightforward. If someone wants to be with you, they will be. They will fight for you no matter what impossible odds loom ahead. They will choose you again and again because that is true love. They will be with you right now knowing there’s no other place they would rather be.

So when you lose him, take it as a blessing in so many ways still unknown to you yet. You were in the wrong story that was making you unhappy. It was good while it lasted but it wasn’t where you were supposed to be. He wasn’t the main character in your life; he was merely a passerby who gave you some valuable lessons that you’re glad to take with you on your journey. He wasn’t your forever, he was your past that you should close his chapter so you could move on with your life.

Trust that this experience will bring you to your own path and eventually meet the one who is meant for you. This change will shape you into the person you will be proud to be. This lesson will teach you more about yourself that you will get in touch with the deepest part of you.

So don’t fight against this loss that you had to deal with. Accept it as gracefully as you can knowing that this pain will eventually subside. Ignore your first instinct to run away and sit still with it. You’ll be amazed by how much this will teach you about yourself. The initial start is excruciating difficult but push through it anyway. Learn to be by yourself, spend time with yourself, and fall in love with you. Be vulnerable by opening your heart to the people important to you and let them in. You’re not supposed to carry your entire burden as they’re there for you.

Be brave by not letting this experience harden you and make you bitter. Continue to let your softness, your optimism, and your strength flow through. Don’t let this affect your faith that you will love again.

As time passes, you won’t think of him. You’ll eventually see that this devastating loss you had to deal with is actually a blessing in disguise that you’re actually glad happened. TC mark

Liane White

Liane is a 20-something girl living in sunny Singapore. She writes about falling in love, falling out of love, and everything in-between.

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