You Will Heal And Meet The Right One Eventually

Gabi E. Mulder

When he left, you felt that he took a piece of you away.

You weren’t the same anymore. You tried to compensate by finding something else or someone to fill the void he left behind. You worked harder by laughing at all the little joys you encounter and even creating your own one. You tried to grasp some sense of normalcy by coping with life the best you can.

However, the chase to be happy again still eluded you.

You felt depleted of energy feeling so exhausted fighting for a lost cause, and you felt like giving up. You felt defeated about your situation that it wasn’t changing anytime soon. Life without him seemed impossible. For he was your comfort zone that you seek whenever you’re scared or uncertain. He was the purpose that guided you in pivot moment when you were lost. He was your world that you clung to when you felt yourself slipping away.

But here is what you need to know about moving on. There is absolutely nothing that can heal you and erase your pain overnight. No affirmation or encouragement that can push away your dark worries and relieve your heartbreak immediately. There is no escape far enough for you to forget your overwhelming pain and fix your broken heart.

What you should do is to allow yourself time to grieve.

Let yourself fall apart if you have to. Let yourself embrace your brokenness instead of pretending you’re fine all the time. Let yourself sit still with the pain knowing it will pass eventually.

It takes time to rebuild yourself piece by piece but have faith that it will happen. That while your journey may take longer, you will get there. Healing isn’t linear, and neither is it a competition. The most important thing is to focus on what you need, and right now, you need yourself.

You need to heal your tattered soul with compassion and understanding that your pain is valid. You need to feed the bottomless void inside with fierce self-love and remember that you radiate love from within. You need to accept what happened and trust that everything will make sense a few years down the road. You need to believe and trust in your strength that you’ll get through this and what won’t kill you will only make you stronger.

Eventually, you’ll rise from the ashes of yesterday and work towards a brighter tomorrow. You’ll plant your own garden and nourish yourself with your own companionship, your strength, and your faith in you. You’ll move on from this loss knowing that this is a pivot point of your life and guide you to where you’re supposed to go. You’ll heal and love again, and armed with the lesson that you have learned, your next relationship will be what you’re looking for and need.

You’ll learn not to settle for anyone except the right person who is definitely well worth the wait. You’ll embrace your single status by filling your time selfishly doing while you love and devote all your attention to growing to your ideal self that your perfect person will be attracted to.

You’ll learn to love and be there for yourself so that when you meet the right one, you will be able to love and receive love readily. TC mark

I write about falling in love and out of love.

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