To The Big-Hearted Girl, You Deserve The World

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To the big-hearted girl, you deserve the world.

You deserve to have your feelings reciprocated- every shred of them. You deserve to be admired for how bravely you love when it comes to your relationship. You deserve to be love tenfold the amount you give, boldly, passionately, and wildly. You deserve an honest love that never lies and who appreciate the gem that you are. You deserve to find your person and your happily ever after. You deserve a relationship that you never have to settle for.

Things may not be easy right now. People may disappoint, heart may break, but I hope you never change. I hope you continue to love fearlessly by being unapologetically you. No matter what happened in the past, please continue onwards to the future with faith and optimism. Wield the power at your fingertips by writing your own story the direction you want. Fill your life with beauty, clarity, and lightness. Be the lead character in your life knowing that you always have the choice to choose the love you attract.

Don’t let the world harden your softness and diminish your worth. Don’t allow the failed chances in love to deter you from a new beginning. Don’t believe for a second you cannot find the right person.

I hope you never lose faith that you will find the right person. The one who you cannot imagine a life without. The one who you have been waiting all your life for. The one who’s the reason why it has never worked with anyone else. The one person who is well worth the wait.

He won’t lift you up so high with pretenses and charades that send you plunging down when reality catches up. He won’t spin lies and false promises so flawlessly created that you felt the ground opened beneath you and pushed you into a downward spiral when you realized the truth. He won’t set you on fire with dangerous flames of desires and roller coaster emotions that scourged your heart.

What he gives you instead are honesty, commitment, and the willingness to work through the hard issues with you. He stands by you from the good times to the difficult times, loyal and steadfast to be with you. He trusts and respects you by giving you space to grow and he’s with you every step of the way. He gives you him- all of him and his wholehearted effort simply because he loves you.

He’s determined to show you just how much you meant to him, and you mean the world to him. He wants to be with you and he intends to build his forever with you.

I hope that one day, while you’re in the busy midst of living and being, love happens in the most unexpected yet beautiful way. I hope that when you meet him, you will take the leap of faith and open your heart to the possibility of love. I hope that you believe that you deserve the love at your fingertip and accept him into your life. I hope this person is everything you need and complement you in the best way possible.

Until then, I hope that you continue to go after your big scary dreams and tick every item on your bucket list. I hope you take yourself out on a date and be the reason for your smile. I hope that you realize that as happy as finding love can make you, the sole person who is responsible for your well-being is ultimately you. I hope you’re too busy living your life, fulfilling your dreams, and working on your passions to chase after a person. I hope that you know how amazing, beautiful, and strong you are and nobody can make you feel otherwise. I hope you never feel that you have to be a certain way to be loved. I hope you know that you’re enough just the way you are.

I hope that when love finds you, you will be ready for it every sense of the word. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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