Love Isn’t Easy But You Can Choose Who You Love

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Carly Rae Hobbins

Love has never been easy for you.

You tasted its bitterness the first time when you fell in love and it was unrequited. You felt your heart ripped out from you when the person whom you thought was your sun left and took all the light with them. You stared at the dismal state of your life as you became a wreck in the aftermath of losing them.

But that didn’t stop you from going after love fearlessly. That didn’t stop you from loving unreservedly. That didn’t deter you from giving yourself to love freely.

You continued to pour your overflowing love and pinned all your hopes on unavailable hearts. You prayed that one day they would see the goodness in you and be moved to accept you. Slowly you started to feel that love was an elusive thing that you had to chase. Sometimes you were lifted to cloud nine and you thought, at last, you were finally happy yet it never lasts.

Sooner or later, it all came crashing down.

The flames of attraction were as dangerous as they were addictive. The games that they played and you were unwittingly suck in. The rollercoaster ride that gave you extreme high and low emotions. The negativity and heartbreak you found yourself trapped in with no reprieve.

It has crossed your mind many times that perhaps you’re not good enough, and maybe, you’re just unlovable. You feel that there is something fundamentally wrong with you because if you’re good enough the way you are, why can’t you attract the love that you deserve? Why does love fail you time and time again?

The truth is that you always have a choice when it comes to love. You can choose to accept the love that is right for you. You can walk away from the ones who are toxic to your well-being.

Real love should be easy. It is every bit as magical as you believe it to be. Not because it is effortless but because two people decide to fight for each other no matter what happens. They don’t give up at the sign of difficulties and run away when the going gets tough. They’re firm and resolute to be with each other.

And you can have that.

So until you find the right person, don’t ever settle in love. Please don’t shrink your magnificence, dull your brilliance, and diminish your worth for someone else. Don’t accept a love that doesn’t challenge you to grow, inspire you to live your best life, and makes you happier than ever. Don’t stop seeing the goodness of your soul, the strength beneath your body, and the generosity of your big wild heart. Don’t stop believing that you’re worthy of a love as beautiful and timeless as the one you know is true.

So walk away from toxic people and the relationship that hurt you. Walk away from the shadows of your past. Walk away from negativity and self-hatred. Walk away from all that is wrong from your old life.

Walk away and run towards the right love that is out there waiting for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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