I’m Ready For You, 2018

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Drew Wilson

2018, I’m ready to meet you.

I don’t expect you to be easy but I believe that you will be what I need you to be. I have faith that you have my best interest at heart. I understand that trying experiences are to build my endurance and resilient. I am heartened by the progress I make and I am emboldened to chase after my dreams.

I am optimistic that you are guiding me to the path that I’m taking. I trust that by working hard and persisting in what I believe in, everything is slowly but surely falling into the right place. 

I’m excited about the opportunities to stretch my potential and fulfill my ambitions. I’m enthusiastic to tackle challenges head-on and grow to be my ideal self. I’m energetic to start working on my passions that fill my days with joy. I’m exhilarated to jump out of my comfort zone and take a leap of faith and see where it will take me. I’m elated to be making new memories with my loved ones and to embark on adventures of a lifetime.

2018, I’m ready to start afresh with you.

When the clock strikes twelve, I’m going to celebrate the arrival of you with new hopes and dreams. I promise to take a chance with you and stop expecting the worse. I will erase away the tears of yesterday and focus on nothing but joy. I will let go of toxic people and relationships that are hurting me and release them from my life. I will take the lessons that they have left me with to build myself up and be stronger than before. I will mend the broken pieces of my heart with fierce self-love that has nothing to do with anyone else. I will accept and love every part of me- even parts that I deem unlovable. I will nourish my soul with learning and inspiration that leave me reeling in satisfaction and contentment.

I promise to believe in you and in myself.

I will replace old limiting belief of how I wasn’t worthy enough with empowering motivation to spur myself ahead. I will stop looking back at the past thinking that it broke me and look forward to creating my own future. I will hold onto my belief that I’m worthy of all the love in the world and to always put myself first.

2018, I’m ready to fall in love with you.

I cannot wait to live life to the fullest with you. To venture to where I have never been before. To taste the fear in my throat and to do it anyway. To toss away all my reservation and to love with everything I have. To chase after the dreams that keep me awake at night. To appreciate what I have worked so hard to achieve and celebrate the sweet successes that come my way. To be kind to my body and admire the strength and beauty within. To embrace my imperfection and accept me as the amazing person I am.

I promise to savor the process of the journey instead of being too focused on the outcome. I promise to honor myself by paying attention to my feeling and listening to it. I promise to grow to be the person I’m proud to be.

2018, here I come for you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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