I Want A Rational Love With You

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I want an honest love that makes everything easy.

One where I know what you’re thinking without having to second-guess myself. I want to text you without worrying whether it will make me appear clingy. I want to see you without feeling like it’s a one-sided effort. I want to be with you without having to restrain myself from scaring you away.

I want you to tell me matter-of-factly where we stand with each other. I want us to be simply ourselves amidst the complicated modern romance that we find ourselves in. I want us to fall in love at our own time and pace with no care in the world.

I want a love that is rational and straightforward.

One where I know your feelings for me and I feel the same way towards you. Everything feels so easy and natural without us having to try to make it work.

I rather feel the familiar sense of comfort you give me than be swept away by the euphoric high and lows of an unpredictable relationship. I enjoy the mundane and ordinary days with you more than any spectacular romantic gestures. I cherish the warm sense of security I get when you interlock our fingers together and your strong presence gives me comfort.

I am uplifted by the generous love you envelop me with, and you’re the reason for my happiness. I am emboldened by the way you love me, so selfless and compassionate, and you encourage me to love bigger and harder.

I want a love that is persistent and continuous.

Someone who never stops trying when it comes to our love.

Someone who becomes a vital part of my daily life. You complement me and make my life more fulfilling, exciting, and colorful. Seeing you when I wake up in the morning gives me a readiness to conquer the day. Even going through the good and bad times with you and wouldn’t have it any other way. It is my decision to be with you come what may in the future.

I want a love that feels right in every sense of the word.

Someone who sees me and just get me. The words just flow, the chemistry is undeniable, and the connection feels genuine. Someone who knows I’m the right one and give me the right feeling.

Your attraction towards me runs deeper than superficial gestures and words. Your faith in us remains strong in the face of difficulties. Your love for me burns as permanently and eternally as the sun.

You calm my anxieties and make me believe in love when I am on the verge of losing faith. You assure me that you’re not going anywhere and I believe you. You give me your heart and I trust that you’re fully committed to me.

In this confusing world of romantic relations, you’re my firm certainty of what’s right for me. In this era of modern love, you’re the most real thing I know.

I want a love that is lasting and enduring till the end of time.

You see me as your future and treasure me in the present. You work hard to make your promises a concrete reality. You strive to give me the best you have. You love me wholeheartedly and I’m proud to call you mine.

Being with you is an adventure of the lifetime.
And I can’t wait to see how the rest of my life unfolds with you. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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