Date Someone Who Chooses To Love You, Every Single Day

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Date someone who chooses to be with you every single day.

When he treats you the same way from the first day he meets you to many months and years down the road. His eyes light up in delight, his hand always reaches out to yours and tighten around yours affectionately, and he greets you with his trademark sunny smile that makes you giddy with happiness.

Despite how much time has passed and things have changed, you know you can count on him to be the one constant in your life that never lets you down.

He listens to you patiently and is your biggest cheerleader in everything you do. He shares with you his joy and despair and everything in-between, making you his closest confidant, his most trusted person, and his loving girlfriend. He makes you laugh and when you’re with him, you feel that your life is renewed with purpose and your heart is bursting with happiness.

Date someone who makes all your doubt and fear melt away. Together with him, he makes you a little braver, happier, and stronger.

You dare to chase after your dreams because suddenly nothing is too out of reach. You feel blessed from the little things to the big things as you cherish the simple joy with him. You are undefeated by the stormy days as you see the rainbow in every dark cloud.

In his company, you learn to appreciate every good thing that happens and you feel grateful to have him in your life. In his presence, you feel invincible because you know that you would let nothing stand in your way to become the person you want to be. In his support, you know that come what may, he is by your side every step of the way.

Date someone who chooses to love you the way you deserve and who shows you what love really is, every day of his life.

You thought you knew what love was before meeting him. Love was you giving all you had because you were scared of them leaving. Love was agony because even when they were beside you, you felt like death as you grieved over them. Love was conditional because it felt that you were never good enough, and you had to give them all you had. Love was unfair as you put in your heart and soul and got nothing in return. Love was disillusionment that things would get better, as the person you loved broke their promises to you and hurt you uncaringly. Love was painful as you ended up losing them anyway.
Yet it is never like this with him.

Love with him is selfless as he wakes up earlier to talk to you and sleeps later, just to make sure you go home safely. It is compassion by constantly doing things for you, as he wants to see you smile. It is devotion by being willing to love you wholeheartedly and without reserve day in and day out. It is commitment having to honor all his words and promises because they mean to him as much as when he made them. It is everlasting, as the love he has for you won’t change even as time and circumstances change. It is the goal of working towards a common future and the willingness to sacrifice hard work for it. It is the faith of holding onto each other, knowing it is all going to be worth it.

Love is him and you together – hand in hand unafraid of any obstacles coming your way because together, both of you become better.

Date someone who is worthy of all the love you have to offer and please never stop loving him.

When you look at him, you smile knowing that you have found all the love you want in a person. You vow to never take him for granted and to cherish him for the blessing he is.

You promise to spend the rest of your life to love him the way he deserves. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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