One Day You Will Stop Hurting, And Start Living The Life You Deserve

Ryan Moreno

One day you will wake up and everything will be as it should be.

Your heart will stop aching from the grief of yesterday. Your eyes will be clear and curious to take in the beautiful sight of today. Your mind won’t be stressed at the thought of beginning a new day.

You won’t open your eyes and feel disappointed that you get to live. You won’t go through the day robotically, wondering when this torture will end. You won’t feel that happiness is elusive and something you don’t deserve or out of reach for you. You won’t have to struggle to maintain the calm composure on your face when you literally feel like death inside. You won’t go to bed at night wishing you wouldn’t have to wake up again.

For the first time in a long while, you will realize you are happy. You will have plans lined up and you will have things that you are looking forward to. You will enjoy the present moment without worrying about the next instance. You will feel like yourself and you will realize you wouldn’t trade your life for anyone else.

One day you will be working and in the midst of it, you will realize with a happy shock that you are content to be where you are.

You will stop going to work every day dreadfully, with a sick pit in your stomach, wishing you could be anywhere else than where you have to be. You will stop feeling that you are wasting your youth and precious time at a job that doesn’t stir your heart and soul. You will stop feeling out of place with people who are very different from you and a work environment that is toxic to your well-being.

One day, you will feel that you are at the right place doing what you are supposed to do. You will be in a positive environment and surrounded by supportive coworkers. You will feel that what you do matters and you matter.

One day you will find your purpose.

You will stop feeling lost and aimless. You will stop feeling that you are wasting your life, not knowing what you want or how to get the answers you are seeking. You will stop feeling that you are worthless or a failure, unable to do anything right.

For now, you know your calling and although the details are still fuzzy, you know what you have to do. You are set on working hard for your future while cherishing the journey to reach there. You are unafraid of failure and put in your utmost effort to get there.

One day you will find the love you deserve—true love and self-love.

You will stop accepting the love that is undeserving of your big heart. You will stop forgiving and loving people that are toxic to you. You will stop doubting yourself and think that it’s your fault when people you loved walk out of your life.

You will stop hating your body or the way you look and wishing that you were someone else. You will stop waiting for love and start loving yourself with everything you have. You will stop feeling lonely and hollow and start enjoying your own company.

One day you will lead the life you want and the one you deserve.

And to do that, you cannot give up now. You have to continue to take small steps to pull yourself out of the rut. You cannot stop believing in yourself and your dreams, even if everyone else doubts you.

You have to be your own light and guide yourself out of the difficult times. You have to shine brightly and never change yourself for someone else.

Whatever pain and setbacks you are suffering now are temporary. As long as you continue to persist and never stop believing in yourself, you can achieve all that you want. You can have the life you want.

You just have to believe and to take another step. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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