33 Toxic Behaviors That Are Keeping You From Finding Your Forever Person

Averie Woodard
Averie Woodard

1. You believe that your happy days are in the past.

2. You constantly stalk your ex and his new girlfriend on their social media and make yourself miserable.

3. You go on multiple dates merely for the sake of dating.

4. You use dating apps to mindlessly try to fill the void inside you.

5. You stay in an unhappy relationship because you’re afraid to be alone.

6. You believe the people you find attractive are out of your league.

7. You’re convinced that no one is better than your ex.

8. You wait for someone who cannot make up his mind about you.

9. You’re always dating someone without knowing what you want.

10. You think that you can only be happy if and when you find love.

11. You believe the only love that’s important is romantic love.

12. You sleep with someone hoping that he can be your boyfriend.

13. You’ve tried to find love with everyone you’ve dated.

14. You make it your ‘life mission’ to find a boyfriend instead of focusing on yourself.

15. You convince yourself to be with someone even if you don’t see yourself with him.

16. You’re not honest about your feelings because you’re afraid of getting hurt.

17. You get into a new relationship quickly without knowing him first.

18. You expect a guy to ‘save’ you from all your problems and make you happy.

19. You cannot stand spending time with yourself and need someone to accompany you at all times.

20. You’re convinced you’ll never find love.

21. You have a fixed idea of the ‘type’ your forever person is.

22. You tolerate disrespect and out-of-line behaviors because you think you deserve them.

23. You think relationships are scary and avoid them totally.

24. You are optimistic that the guy that you are ‘on and off’ with really likes you and you just need to put in more time and effort so that he’ll want to be with you.

25. You compare yourself to others who are in relationships and you feel that their lives are better than yours.

26. You are convinced that the jerks you’ve met and dated have ruined your life.

27. You cannot see anything positive about being single.

28. You refuse to put yourself out there and prefer to keep to yourself.

29. You hate those who have hurt you in the past and you think you can never let go of what happened.

30. You change yourself for someone else.

31. You’re convinced everyone you meet is bound to hurt you.

32. You don’t know what your purpose in life is, and you hope to find it in your forever person.

33. You feel that you don’t deserve love. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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