30 Wake Up Calls Your ‘Almost Relationship’ Is Going Nowhere

Allef Vinicius
Allef Vinicius

1. You know him as much as you’ve known him since day one. (Which is not much at all.)

2. You know vaguely what his job is, but you have no idea exactly what he does or where his workplace is.

3. You wonder what kind of person he is with his family and friends.

4. Your friends either disapprove of him or have no idea he exists.

5. When you hang out with him, he uses his phone more than he talks to you.

6. If he has to introduce you, he says, you are his ‘friend’ and behaves as through you are just his acquaintance.

7. When you see him, he doesn’t make the effort to talk to you. There is more silence than actual talking.

8. He doesn’t care about your well-being. You tell him you’re sick and he’s as disinterested as through you told him about the weather.

9. He expects you to be available when he needs you. He wants you to drop everything for him.

10. He doesn’t reply to your text for hours, yet he’s active on his social media.

11. Whenever you meet him, there is always some form of physical intimacy.

12. When you try to ‘talk’ to him, he replies, ‘what do you want from me?’ and dismiss you with ‘okay’ to everything you said. (And not doing any of it.)

13. You think you are in love with the idea of him.

14. You are torn between ending it and ‘trying harder’ with him.

15. Your emotions are a rollercoaster ride. Some days you wake up feeling you are so deeply in love, other days you feel like you are in the midst of heartbreak.

16. You feel like you’re losing your mind trying to analyze all his mixed-signals and whether he likes you.

17. You are the last of his priorities. He’s always busy with his work, has to meet his friends, or would rather sleep or play his games than meet you.

18. When he makes promises to you, you know he won’t keep them. (And you are right.)

19. He is critical of you, be it your appearance or your behavior. When you make it clear that you are upset, he explains that he is ‘helping’ you to ‘improve’.

20. He is manipulative. Even if it’s his fault, he turns around and blames it on you.

21. He asks you casually if you want to be with him, but panics if you actually take him seriously.

22. He hasn’t taken you out on a proper date. It’s mostly hanging out at his place or a last minute thing.

23. He keeps you as one of his options. He doesn’t want to text you and hang out with you all the time, but once in a while he will check on you to make sure you and him are still ‘a thing.’

24. He tells you he is just ‘friends’ with other girls. And you wonder what that means.

25. You always hang out one to one with him and seldom if never see his friends and family before.

26. He calls the shots. He wants everything his way and you have no choice but to follow his lead.

27. Your conversations have little content. If you try to be serious, he steers it to sex.

28. He makes you question your self-worth every time he flakes out on you.

29. You are with him because you are afraid to be alone. You think any attention he gives you is better than nothing.

30. You turn a blind eye to all the red flags because you desperately want things to work with him. But you know that if you keep trying to make it work, it won’t. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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